Big dogs can be fun, especially when it comes to playing and running around. For instance, you can throw something for your dog to catch, and bring it to you. Let your Coonhound or German shepherd pops that ball like a bubble. Any good toy for your large dog will be worth trying, hence; this article enlightens you of the best fetch toys for large dogs. Here are some of them. Check out!

Good ‘Ol Balls

You’ll need to get a large ball for your big dog that loves playing fetch. This will prevent the risk of choking. However, there are numerous choices if your pup loves chewing the ball. One thing is to contact dog toys online industry experts to advise you on the best dog balls, which have a 100% non-toxic material. This way you won’t have to worry about your dog chewing the ball. Also, there are tough and bouncy balls that make it difficult for a dog to chew. For other balls, you can put treats inside for your pup to eat after playtime.


Some dogs love to catch, while others chase. Choose a game for your dog and if you see it wagging its tail, then it’s enjoying the play. You can invest in a Zisc Flying Disc, which has a soft material in case your dog decides to chew it. Zisc is made for tough play, and its flexible floatable disc with curled ends gives a good grip to dogs and humans. But if your big pup enjoys noise, get Kong’s Squeeze ring, which is squeaky, and super-fun. Squeezz is made of sturdy non-toxic material.


Some dogs love to fetch sticks and that’s their nature. You and your dog can enjoy picking up sticks for fun. The only issue is when your dog chews the sticks, which can be damaging to its health. For this reason, you can choose an alternative toy like Outward Hound’s Petstages Dogwood. This toy was made in a way that makes it safe for a dog to chew.

Pups love it because it has a natural wood taste and feels. You can specifically select Squeeze Crackle Stick, which is available in numerous colors. Also, it produces a crackling sound to keep your dog playing more.

A high-pitched bowling pin that bounces and flip-flops

Most pups find squeaky toys fun and irresistible. They are giant-sized bowling pin toys with features such as super resilient rubber, as well as a sturdy squeaker. Bowling pin springs up, flings, and rolls. It offers hours of fun for dogs that love chasing and chewing. This toy is the best for Pit Bulls that can chew every toy you purchase. A bowling pin is extremely tough, has a perfect size, and your dog will likely love it.

Bottom Line

Playing with your dog frequently makes it easier for you to learn what it likes. This way, you will pick the right toys that favor your dog during playtime. If you don’t know how to go about it, many dog toys online provide numerous options and the perfect toys for your dog type, size, and age.