Do you have an outdoor entertainment area that needs a little love? Or do you want to build one in your yard?

Either option is a great way to turn your yard into a fantastic space you’ll enjoy using.

And if you want to sell your property? The right yard can even boost the value of your home by 5 to 20 percent.

But what decking option should you choose? And what’s the best decking material?
Read on to find out.


Hardwood makes an attractive choice because it weathers well. Or you can stain it to keep its color.

If you live in a dry climate, you’ll need to oil your decking so the wood doesn’t split. Hardwood gives a beautiful, high-quality finish.

The biggest issue with wood decking is the cost of maintenance. Hardwood lasts longer than softwood. But both of them can still decay over time.

Be sure you choose a supplier who uses sustainable sources for the hardwood.

Traditional Timber

This is also known as pressure-treated softwood.

These softwoods are fast-growing woods, making them a more sustainable choice. But the wood is less dense, which makes it cheaper to buy.

You’ll need to seal the wood to keep the color. But these woods are easier to maintain than hardwood.

It’s a less complicated material to install. And it’s great if you want a natural look in your outdoor area.

If you’re not sure which timber type to choose? Speak to your deck builder for their advice.

Wood Composite Products

Looking for something that’s environmentally friendly and low maintenance? Wood composite is a great choice.

Manufacturers combine cast-offs from the timber trade with plastic from recycled bottles.

You can choose this material knowing you’re not causing more deforestation. Some people do worry about the chemicals used to make it.

But at least it’s easy to clean. Soapy water does the trick.

Make sure you buy high-quality composites so they won’t fade or split. You won’t get splinters with wood-composite. Which is great if you have kids or pets.

Wood composite looks like wood from a distance. But its plastic ingredients start to become visible up close.

Color choices are limited and it can be expensive.

Synthetic Decking

PVC is the lightweight material used in synthetic decking. Its density is more like a softwood.

Most varieties have a protective layer so it looks like wood.

PVC is easy to handle and won’t rot. It also doesn’t need finishing or regular maintenance as it’s more weather resistant.

If you want the natural look? Don’t get PVC decking. Even with its protective layer, it doesn’t look like wood.

It also has the same problems as wood-composite.

Which Is the Best Decking Material?

The best decking material is the one that best suits your needs. If you want low maintenance and lightweight materials? Choose PVC.

But if you want the natural look and lower costs? Go for wood.

Start with the needs of your family. Work out which material fits your lifestyle and the available space.

Then you can enjoy your new outdoor area!

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