Student housing is very competitive. Universities in Rotterdam provide dorms. Here, students share rooms or could have a room for themselves and share other amenities such as the bathroom and other common areas and equipment.

International students are an important element of any university community. Many universities go out of their way to accommodate these students who are new to their country of study. In Rotterdam, universities have their own accommodation plans while the students could also opt to live away from university for their freedom and growth.

In this article we’ll be sharing some tips about student rentals in Rotterdam.

Sharing an apartment with other students

The best option for a student apartment in Rotterdam is when people come together to share one place. This is ideal for the fact that, as a group in a large apartment, you will have the convenience of a beautiful place for a fraction of the price.

Also, you will live with your friends outside of the restriction of the university accommodation rules. Most of all, you will be able to come into yourself as a student living an independent life and pursuing your interests without restriction.

Specialized student accommodation providers

Rotterdam has numerous specialized student accommodation providers. They have a myriad of choices for any student who wants to occupy any of their rooms or properties.

A quick online search will show you the number and type of accommodation they have available.

This is one of the best student accommodation choices as you get to live around other students and build new friendships.

Live away from the university

This doesn’t mean that you forget your main reason for being in the Netherlands, which is to go to school.

What it means is that rooms or apartment close to the university may be quite pricey. Living a bit farther away from the university will leave you with more money in your pocket and a little commute time to catch a breeze of fresh air and view the scenery.

A privilege most of your friends near the university will not have.


As a student, in the search for your best place to live, ensure that you will get a place where you will maximize the fun and make great friends.


When looking for student accommodation start early. Consider living farther away from the university and sharing an apartment with friends. This will save you money, help you make friends and make your stay at university worthy.