Hiring temporary storage units offers many advantages to commercial users. Here are a few of the main benefits of using temporary storage units.


Temporary stores are portable, so they make moving large items on and off-site a hassle-free exercise. Once the unit arrives at its destination, the contents will be safely and securely held inside the store until you’re ready to unload them.

Moving stock and equipment

If you are moving premises or relocating items of equipment to another site, a temporary store can be the perfect solution.

Suppliers that offer temporary storage units for hire also provide a delivery service, meaning that you can have the unit delivered straight to your door. You can rent the unit for as long as you need, so there’s no rush to pack it. So, you can take your time packing your things in an organised fashion, meaning that unpacking them when you’ve reached your destination is easy and quick.

Once the store is packed, the supplier will send a vehicle to collect it and take it to the destination you specify, meaning that you don’t have the hassle of driving a large vehicle and rushing to unpack it at the other end of your journey.

The right size for the job

Temporary stores come in different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your needs perfectly. Generally, the larger the container, the more expensive it will be to hire. So, you can save money by making sure that the store you choose is the right size for the job.


Many industrial premises and construction sites have limitations when it comes to storage space. By choosing the right size storage unit, you can maximise the space you have available. Also, because temporary stores are portable, you can move the unit as and when required.

Hiring a temporary store can free-up valuable office and warehouse space until a more permanent solution is put in place. If necessary, you can extend the length of the hire to accommodate your needs. That means that you can take all the time you need to, without worrying that you will lose valuable storage space before you’re ready to move your things to their permanent location.


Temporary storage units are waterproof and weatherproof, so you can be sure that your things won’t suffer from water damage. Also, a good quality temporary store will be vermin-proof. So, if you need to store documents or other vulnerable items inside, you can be confident that the local rodent population won’t be able to make a meal of your valuables.

Accidents can happen on-site, but the robust construction of metal temporary storage units means that the contents will be protected from damage should a vehicle collide with the unit.


Industrial theft is big business these days, so your equipment must be stored securely and safely.

Most storage containers can be locked, and the storage unit provider will guarantee that only you will have the keys to the unit’s lock. That means you can be sure that your assets will be safely locked away, even when your premises or site are unmanned.


When hiring temporary stores, there are no hidden costs to worry about. The provider will explain the full rental costs to you when you sign the lease agreement with them. So, you can be confident that the final amount you pay will be the same as what was quoted to you at the start of the hire.

Final thoughts

If you need to store documents or equipment on your business premises or construction site, a temporary storage unit is a perfect solution. Temporary stores are lockable for security, watertight and weatherproof, so you know that your things will be safe and undamaged.

A temporary storage unit can save you space and money too.