For decades, women and men have tried and tested different techniques to achieve hairless bodies. There are numerous ways of doing so, from waxing to shaving and applying hair removing creams. However, these methods can often harm your hair follicles and leave your skin damaged. Moreover, waxing and threading or any other hair removal methods can be painful and time-consuming methods. The people with sensitive skins might even need extra time to allow their skin to soothe and recover.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to body hair removal and smooth skin, we’d advise you to go for laser hair removal. Because of its efficient and painless procedure, it’s becoming more popular nowadays. Moreover, the results are more long-lasting than waxing, and the booking procedure is quite simple and easy. You can even book yourself an appointment here.

However, if you have any doubts or confusion, read the benefits of getting laser hair removal over waxing below. That’d surely change your mind for the better.

1. The Method Is More Accurate And Offers Precision

Whether you wax at home or get it professionally done, you need to wait for the hair to grow a certain length before your next appointment. Moreover, it’s only the removal of the hair that is visible to the naked eye. This intricate process makes it easy for any ingrown hair to go unnoticed and grow out later.

However, that’s not the case with laser hair removal. The procedure is carefully designed to remove hair from the follicle using light. It means that the method is so accurate that the hair is lifted right from its growth point and not just from the surface. Although there are new method such as electrolysis vs. laser hair removal, the choice still falls on to you.

Furthermore, often if you have coarse hair, waxing can be an excruciating procedure, especially considering that you have to go through it every couple of weeks. But the laser technology is so precise that it can selectively target dark and coarse hair leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

2. It Prevents The Growth Of Ingrown Hair

Waxing often comes with the major side effect of ingrown hair. It’s because it doesn’t take out the hair from its follicle. Instead, it can end up damaging it, which causes the growth of ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair is not particularly harmful to many people. However, they can cause intense pain and, in some cases, even lead to cysts if they remain unremoved or unchecked. That’s why avoiding their growth is the best way of preventing any damage to your skin.

Laser hair removal uses advanced technology that is precise and doesn’t allow any room for ingrowth hair to grow.

3. Laser Hair Removal Is Less Painful

Many people assume that laser hair removal is a painful procedure. But it’s not true. Nowadays, the laser technology that is utilized for the treatment has a cooling blast mechanism. Consequently, it makes the process painless and comfortable for you. Still, in some cases, one might experience a prickling sensation while receiving the treatment. But that is not harmful.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you can ask the person treating you to apply numbing cream on your skin before the procedure. That’d do the trick for you!

Moreover, you’d be delighted to know that a small patch test is performed to readjust the settings to ensure the treatment is comfortable for the client.

However, the laser hair removal is not completely a pain-free treatment but it’s not as excruciating as other hair removal techniques. Waxing can often leave red patches on your skin and even open pores if you have sensitive skin. But laser hair removal guarantees little to no pain or appearance of blemish. As soon as you’re down with the procedure, you’re good to go. It also means that unlike waxing, you wouldn’t need to rush the next week for another appointment.

4. Laser Hair Removal Is A Cost-effective Method

Laser hair removal treatments are cost-effective as opposed to your typical waxing appointments. It’s because laser treatment is an upfront treatment for a long time. It means that there would be no need to spend money on appointments every week or monthly.

For people with sensitive skin, buying creams and lotions to apply after waxing can also become an added cost. But you don’t have to worry about that with laser hair removal.

Yes, you might say that it has a high up-front cost. However, that cost ensures that you don’t have to spend further on waxing and other miscellaneous expenses. You can glow your skin without spending on wax. Therefore, in the long-term, it proves to be more cost-effective than waxing every month.

Side Effects

There’s too much paranoia around laser treatment and tell you that it can cause severe side-effects. However, it’s as far away from the truth as can be. Laser hair removal is not only a painless procedure, but it is also without any side-effects. In some cases, one can feel very minimal effects such as slight redness of the skin. But that only applies if you have sensitive skin. To prevent that, you can ask your doctor to apply numbing cream during the treatment.

Even if it exists after the treatment, you can apply aftercare lotion as recommended by your skin specialist, but there’s nothing long-lasting.

On the other hand, waxing causes damage to your hair follicles; it can cause them to break. If they’re left open for a longer time, bacteria and harmful germs can enter the body. It can lead to severe skin diseases or conditions, as well.

So, avoid the risk and go for laser treatment.

Get Laser Hair Removal Today!

Now that you know how effective laser hair removal treatments are, it’s time to book an appointment. However, before you book a session, you should know that it is proper medical treatment, and therefore, warrants standard procedures. That is to say, you should talk to your skin specialist first and then mutually come upon a decision.

Your dermatologist would likely recommend laser hair removal, and then you can bid farewell to the pain of waxing!