Exercising is compulsory for the health of your body, mind and spirit. We all choose to exercise differently as per our convenience of schedule, locality, budget and comfort. Some people opt for gym or use heavy equipment at home. Some even go for run or jog in the parks.

One of the finest is hiking. It is best for a simple reason: you can explore the beautiful nature while you exercise and end up having an incredible adventure in the wake. It also promises better health benefits which are mentioned below, so you can pursue hiking as your first and favorite option.

Cardiovascular fitness

One of the major benefits that hiking gives to your health is the improved heart rate and an amazing cardiovascular fitness, which increases your strength and stamina for your workout and also decreases the risk of heart diseases. It actually helps your muscles to acquire oxygenated blood and using it for energy creation in your body and ultimately giving you more strength and a push for more.

Hiking means that you have to take the adventurous task of vigorously walking or climbing up the mountain which means that the surface will not be smooth, more than often. This will put various muscles in your arms, legs, lower back and core at work and thus will tone them beautifully.

Muscle strength

Another benefit of hiking is the ultimate strength it provides to your muscles. They will get toned and stronger in no time because of the pressure they will be bearing with your entire body weight. Especially the muscles of your hamstrings, quads and calves are the most to be positively affected by hiking along with the muscles of your glutes as they support you by balancing your entire body weight while you move uphill.

Helps you fight depression

Not only hiking is an excellent exercise with innumerable health benefits for your body but also for your mind and your spirit. It caters to your positive energy and thus helps you fight depression and stress. The endorphin hormones in our mind are activated by hiking which helps in uplifting our mood and spirit. You are advised to go for hiking if you are feeling down, stressed or depressed to cheer yourself up with the most tranquil therapy provided by the nature with its beauty and awe, with freshness and natural fragrances of trees and earth. It also helps you clear your mind from the worries of every day and you can think straight and more positively.

Helps you against diabetes

One of the most common diseases of this era is diabetes which occurs because of the increased level of glycogen in your body. Many people have this disease because when you don’t exercise or sit in front of computers all day at work, this glycogen increases our sugar level and we end up having diabetes. Hiking helps you against this disease as it helps you in producing energy by consuming excessive glucose from your blood.

Helps you in reducing weight

One of the most useful benefits of hiking is that it helps you in reducing your weight and toning your body shape. If you are trying to reduce weight through an hour walk or jog every day, then alternate your routine with hiking and you will see a remarkable difference in your progressive results as it is a massive activity consuming your calories.

In short, hiking has more benefits than any other form of exercise as it also entertains you with the glory of nature.