Rust is a survival game and a highly brutal one too. You enter this world with just a torch and a rock. Feeble, weak, and non-immune you are an easy victim for the Rust players on the field. If all this sounds too scary and deters you from trying out this game then read the Rust aimbot hack. The guide takes you through the complete learning curve letting you come out brave and confident to take over the Rust players out there.

A challenging and entertaining game, Rust keeps you glued to it for hours. It is addictive once you know the little secrets of the game. The guide compiles all the tips that you need to take your first plunge.

Choosing the server

Select a beginner-friendly server to play the game. A high-end server may seem tempting but this is also the place dominated by the pro players. A beginner server is the best place to start and to figure out the ways to protect yourself from being killed after spawning. So in the initial stage of playing the game opt only for the beginner server.

Work on your PVP skills

Learning the PVP skills is essential. However, instead of honing the skills in an actual game where there is a risk of losing out on the resources that you have worked hard to collect, it always pays to practice these skills on a sandbox or a training server. You are free to choose one specific weapon on any of these servers or work with all of them letting you practice any weapon of your choice. The tier one weapons are easy to work with and as you move up the ladder it starts to get difficult. The tier three weapons are the hardest to get a hold of. So focus first on the low tier weapons and slowly begin to move your way up.

The right spot

You have created your initial pawn site and now you need to buck up gathering the stone and woods. You have the rock as a starting tool to hit the trees and huge boulders. These stones and woods are what will help you to build your first customized tools like the hatchet or the pickaxe. But where should you hit the boulders? Just hitting aimlessly would take forever to gather the resources. The secret is to hit on the Red Cross and the sparkle on the tree and the stone respectively. This lets you earn more stone and wood faster.

You will need a sleeping bag

Focus on creating a sleeping bag early on in the game. This is also among the first few items that you need in the game. Build a customized respawn point on the ground. The idea is to get a sleeping bag early in the game is to save yourself from walking back and forth to the beach. Crafting your sleeping bag is not complicated. All that you need to do is to collect thirty clothes that can be gathered from the hemp plants which are in the sacks. Three sacks are more than enough. Keep an eye on the hemp plants when you start the adventure.

Gather woods first

Gather woods first because these are the main resources that will let you develop the base material. You can now create a building plan, building foundation, wooden lock, campfire, and all that you need using the hatchet and the pickaxe.

The spot for your first base

Carefully select the spot to build your first base. The location of the base will influence the success of your game. A place that has many resources and is well hidden is an ideal spot to set up your base. Take care to not venture very far because it may put you at a high risk of getting killed. An ideal spot is a forest where you can get cover with plenty of materials. If you, however, choose to set up your base in a snowy area then this can make survival hard, especially for new players who do not have adequate clothing. The desert is also not a recommended place to set up your first base.

Construct double doors to protect your stuff

Using double doors in the base helps to protect your stuff. A player who is better equipped than you can put you in danger. In such cases, just run back to your base. If other players happen to see you then there are high chances that you may get killed. Creating an airlock is the best way to save yourself from getting killed. It is wise to construct two rooms and to keep all your resources stacked carefully in the last room. This will keep your stash well protected from the rivals even if they happen to enter your first room.


There are many niches inside the Rust game like the building and electrical systems. This may seem to be fascinating to some instead of the PVP system. Complete knowledge of the game is essential because the system coexists and moves parallel at all times. These tricks give you an edge to help you survive the dangerous game of RUST and let you outrun the enemies to live on for long.