When you go to your local or online furniture store to buy a new set of bedroom furniture, you’ll notice that the basic set comes with a bed with or without a headboard, a dresser without a mirror, and one nightstand. Most people know they need an additional nightstand, but what other pieces of furniture are included in bedroom sets?

Pictures of the bedroom set might include additional pieces, like a chest of drawers or dresser mirror, but even these do not always tell the full story. While not all bedroom sets will have the following optional pieces, you should be aware of your options so that you know what bed sets to earmark as possibilities.

Media chests

Many bedroom sets today offer an optional media chest. The media chest isn’t the same as the large media centers that were once popular. Instead, these chests look just like your dresser or chest of drawers but are designed to hold a television and related media and devices. They blend seamlessly with the rest of the bedroom furniture and décor, but offer shelves with cord management for gaming consoles and streaming devices.


Some bedroom sets come with an optional vanity. A vanity is a great addition to your bedroom if you want to have a place to sit while you prepare yourself for the day, or as you complete your evening beauty routines.

But their usefulness doesn’t stop there. Vanities are also the perfect height to use as a personal desk. Whether you work from home on occasion or just like to have a private place to conduct personal business, your vanity can be a huge advantage.

Keep in mind that, while a bench matched to the bed set will likely be available, it will not be included automatically. Since you have to buy this piece individually anyway, you might want to look for a storage ottoman or accent chair to pair with the vanity instead.

Bedroom benches

Another piece of bedroom set furniture that you can opt for is the bedroom bench. Benches are becoming more common in bedrooms because people realize that they sometimes make it easier to get dressed for the day. You can also get bedroom benches that have hidden interior storage so that they have the same functionality as the traditional end-of-the-bed trunk, but with the added benefit of a comfortable place to sit.

Difference between dresser and chest of drawers

This is perhaps one of the most confusing points when it comes to buying a new bedroom set. A dresser and a chest of drawers are not actually the same, even though many people use the terms interchangeably.

A dresser is squat and broad, and usually offers the ability to mount an optional mirror. A chest of drawers, on the other hand, is tall and narrow, taking up less space but giving about the same overall storage space. Most people don’t need both, but when you shop online you can pick and choose the pieces included in your furniture set and get just the chest of drawers. This is especially helpful if you are working with a smaller space.