Studies show that a healthy adult spends 1/3 of his life sleeping. So, isn’t it wise to choose the best bed for yourself? But, there are so many options in the market which makes pinpointing one single bed tough.

However, we are not talking about the size of the bed here. To be honest, that’s quite easy to decide.

The focus of our topic is the bed frame as the level of comfort and sophistication of the bed depends on it.

We’ll be discussing different bed frames and how they differ from each other. Each has their own comfort level, elegance, and benefits.

So, without further delay; let’s begin.

Checklist For Determining Features

No two frames are the same when it comes to usage. There are a few minor things that make all the difference. So, ask yourself which bed frame will be best suited for you. Make a list of the answers for better understanding.


The background and the color of the walls plays an important role in choosing your bed frame. If you have a darker and antique background then bigger frames are preferable.

Remember, different color patterns compliment different frames. How is the light passage of the room? If you don’t have enough light coming to your room then you should get a bed that has bed-table with it.

Room Settings

Is your room heavily decorated in all front or is it minimalistic? Depending on the settings, you can go for either big or small bed frames. It’s also wise to take the space available in your room into consideration. Go for a single bed if you have a small room.

What is the entrance situation in the room? If the door is in the corner then headboard beds is definitely a cooler choice.

Required Comfort Level

How do you like your bed to be? When you want a softer mattress; you should try frames with more inner boxed structure. If you prefer cousins then a large headboard then you definitely need a bed with a larger headboard.

How many over layers do you need in your bed? If you need storage under your bed then try avoiding boxed frames.

Sleeping Habits and Health

If you use your bed more frequently then you should purchase bed bars for easy setup.

Do you have troubles reaching for bigger and taller beds? Go for a frame that is closer to the ground if you move a lot in the bed during your sleep.

Types of Bed Frames

You need to have a solid idea about the types of bed frames available. You can make a more sensible decision in that way. Let’s look at the most commonly used bed frames.

1. Four Poster Bed Frame

If you are looking for something antique then four posters are just the thing for you. It gives you a classy vibe that goes perfectly well with heavy backgrounds.


  • Looks elegant and has an antique vibe
  • The height can be adjusted depending on the points in the poster
  • Different types of woodwork can be applied in the post


  • This is a rather common option for bed frame which prevents you to stand out
  • It takes up way to space and usually it is more expensive

Final Verdict

This bed frame is for the top players out there who want a touch of classic vibe in their bedroom. It will remind you of old-school glamour.

2. The Basic Headboard Bed Frame

Well, this is probably the most common type of bed frame out there. There is a designed headboard on the bed that acts as a shed. The design of this frame is subtle and the provides reliable performance.


  • Perfect for stacking a lot of pillows
  • Usually very budget friendly
  • You can try different types of design based on your background types
  • A lot of color option because of board nature


  • It has fewer designer values than the other bed frames
  • It is very basic and looks less sophisticated

Final Verdict

If you are an average person who doesn’t want to worry too much on the bed frame, then this frame is just right for you.

3. The Daybed Bed Frame

Presenting the ultimate modern bed frame – it is none other than the daybed. This bed doubles as a sofa when needed. This is a modern approach to furniture and makes the bed very versatile in nature. Plus, it also helps to save a lot of space.


  • Two in one functionality
  • Modern looks and smooths feel
  • Saves space and money at the same time
  • Perfect if you live alone and are in your struggling period


  • Cannot be used as a bigger bed
  • You will be in trouble if you need your bed and sofa at the same time

Final Verdict

Modern day furniture is taking a new turn. It is all about user-friendliness and versatility. This frame is all about that. You can get the value for your money if you use this frame.

4. Bunk Bed Style Bed Frame

Speaking of versatility, let us take you on a trip down the memory lane. This is the perfect bed if you have more kids in your house than rooms. It not only saves a lot of space but also allows your kids to bond. The frames are usually very sturdy and it saves a lot of money as well.


  • Saves a lot of money and space
  • Easy to install the nets in the twin bed
  • Perfect when you have a lot of guest at your home
  • There are four different options that you can choose from


  • The bed is hard to assemble and move around
  • The frame is not perfect for heavy users

Final Verdict

This is another classic bed frame that is never going to go out of fashion. It will keep making our childhood wonder while keeping our savings right where they are. This is an all-rounder bed frame.


You can sleep in peace for the rest of your life if you are able to pick the right bed frame. But, it does need some time and a bit of looking around. So, be a bit patient and select the right one.

That’s all we have on the most common type of bed frames. You can now choose yours by considering your needs and your budget. Hope our article will help you to make a sensible decision. Until then… GOOD NIGHT!