Bean bag furniture is so versatile many users now opt to purchase these pieces for both indoor and outdoor use. However, regardless of where the items are used, they need to be properly maintained to extend their lifespan. What steps can a buyer take to keep this item looking new as long as possible?

Creases Aren’t a Normal Part of the Fabric

A bean bag chair might be stored for a period of time, such as during the winter months. When it is pulled out for use once again, be sure to remove any creases in the fabric. A clothes steamer is of great help at this time and will quickly remove any folds in the fabric. Men and women may also choose to pull out their steam iron, the one they use for their clothes, but care must be taken to ensure the fabric is not burned or melted. If neither is available, place the child or adult bean bags outside for a few days and let the sun naturally remove the creases.

Remove Any Dirt and Dust Promptly

The air inside a home is often dirtier than the air humans breathe outdoors. Bean bags used in either location need to be cleaned regularly to ensure any chemicals present in the air are not permitted to seep into the fabric, as this can damage the surface. If the bean bag won’t be used for a period of time, place a dust cover or sheet over it to prevent contaminants from reaching it also.

Minimize Sun Exposure

Bean bags designed for use outdoors have typically been treated to block the harmful rays of the sun and prevent fading. Nevertheless, any prolonged exposure to the sun will shorten the lifespan. For this reason, bean bags should be moved out of the sun when they aren’t being used. If the bags are to be stored in a shed or other outdoor piece of furniture, make certain they are dry before storing and use a moisture absorption system to prevent damage.

Clean Sweat

Human sweat is naturally acidic. The salt found in the sweat sticks to the bean bag fabric and must be regularly removed to prevent damage. Furthermore, the purpose of perspiration is to remove toxins and other waste products from the body and these substances remain on the bag when the user stands up. If you sweat while using your furniture, remember to clean the cover before you put it away.

Clean Spills and Stains Right Away

Accidents can and do happen no matter how much a person tries to avoid them. While many bean bags have been treated to resist spills and stains, any time food or liquid has been spilled on the bag, it needs to be cleaned right away. In addition, certain items will stain even with this type of protection. The internet is of great help in finding stain removal solutions for many different foods and drinks. While researching the cleaning options, wipe the stain with a damp sponge. Never use bleach, however, as it could damage the fabric.

These tips are of great help in extending the lifespan of your bean bags. While these furnishings are designed for regular use, they must be cared for like any other furniture. Make this a priority and you will be enjoying your new items for years to come.