Privacy will always be a crucial element to the experience of using public bathrooms or commercial restrooms. This is true especially if the bathroom serves multiple occupants at a time. Because of the distance from one quarter to each other, it’s important to strive for absolute privacy in your bathrooms, and you can achieve it through new bathroom partitions that offer more security and comfort to the occupants.

Why do you need new bathroom partitions?

Bathroom partitions serve a very simple, but very important purpose – and that’s privacy. They divide each toilet to provide a safe and confidential experience for each occupant. However, some partitions do not provide enough privacy that one would need while using the bathroom.

You need new bathroom partitions especially if your current partitions are flawed. If your partitions have design imperfections, like door hinges, that lock and secure the stall. If they leave a line of sight, they can make every occupant feel exposed or uncomfortable.

Another reason why you’ll need new partitions is if there’s a noticeable lack of privacy with the exposed bottom on most bathrooms nowadays. If they don’t hide the occupants’ feet, they might feel less secured while they use the bathroom.

The top of the partitions can also leave room for discomfort an exposure, especially if there is someone who’s taller-than-average using the next stall.

Ways to improve privacy in your bathroom

There are different ways for you to make the experience of going to the bathroom more comfortable for your occupants. But the best way to do this is by installing new bathroom partitions that can offer more privacy and security. Adding customizable options to reduce sightlines or any exposed areas can help, too. You may also consider using durable and strong materials to make sure that the new partitions will last.

If you’re looking for bathroom privacy ideas in the workplace, then you’ve come to the right place. If there’s an opportunity for improvement, then you should seize it. Here are some ways you can do to improve your bathroom privacy, as well as other ideas you can consider!

  • Use partitions for the urinals and stalls. For better bathroom stall privacy, you should make sure that the partitions are in place. For traditional toilets and stalls, the partitions are essential. Nobody uses a public toilet without a partition – at least not in the US, in the 21st century. If there are no partitions installed, then nobody will take you seriously. Partitions are also important at urinals since privacy is also important to everyone using the men’s room. There are different kinds of partitions to choose from, so make sure to look for solutions that are within your budget, and can help improve privacy to the greatest extent.
  • Eliminate sightlines. The best partitions and stalls can remove sightlines. If you visit some public bathrooms, you’ll find that the spaces between different stall components will provide direct sightlines into a stall, and nobody wants that. Once you find the right stall and partition materials, you should be able to remove or dramatically reduce these sightlines for better privacy.
  • Include hidden hardware and angled doors. If you truly know and understand bathroom stalls and partitions, then you should also know all the small tricks and features that can help enhance privacy. For instance, choosing partitions and stalls with angled doors and hidden hardware is a sure way to increase the privacy in your bathroom. These features usually represent small investments that pay out big returns in the privacy that your occupants can enjoy.
  • Deaden sounds. Deadening sounds are often an overlooked aspect of privacy. Nobody wants to be heard when they use the bathroom, so make sure to choose partitions that are made of materials that can deaden or eliminate sounds altogether. Everyone who uses the restroom will feel more confident and comfortable if the stalls and partitions can actively reduce the amount of noise inside the bathroom.

What kind of bathroom partitions can improve bathroom privacy?

HDPE plastic is a solid plastic material that you can use for many different reasons. It is one of the best materials that can help the partitions for your facility’s bathroom. Not only is this material impact resistant and durable, but it can also withstand the humidity and moisture that’s prevalent in many bathrooms. Moisture and humidity are some of the biggest bathroom problems, which often lead to mold growth and the spread of bacteria. These recyclable and sustainable partitions are also guaranteed to last for 25 years. The best part is this only requires little maintenance!

Why is HDPE Plastic the best choice to enhance bathroom privacy?

One of the major benefits of HDPE plastic has compared to traditional laminates and plastics is that it has a solid body construction. This allows it to bask in the moisture and humidity without the threat of mold growth. And since it stands up to the elements, especially mold, it helps maintain the air quality in the bathroom clean and safe. Other types of materials will need a very costly replacement once the presence of mold is detected.

HDPE is also stronger compared to the other bathroom partition materials. It can take a few hits and will still retain its overall aesthetic. Once graffiti is detected, other materials will need to be repainted, which can result in VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds), which reduce the air quality. Graffiti on HDPE materials can easily be cleaned and wiped away.

If you’re considering of enhancing or improving the privacy of your bathrooms, then make sure you’re getting partitions and stalls that will help you create the level of privacy you want. Look for a company that can offer high-quality bathroom stalls and partition products that many businesses use today to increase the level of privacy in their bathrooms. Look for a company that can give you free samples and quotes as you consider different options in search of the best materials perfect for your needs.