Are you stressing over losing weight and ended up reading this article? Well, losing weight can be something really simple if you make small changes in your daily life. It’s a process which should go on gradually and consistently. We often ignore basic traditional ways of losing weight when we hear about ‘how to lose 10 kilograms in 10 days’. No matter how wonderful that sounds to you that is not healthy and these ‘ways’ only make you lean for a shorter period of time. Once all your water weight comes back you will start to feel like an inflated balloon again!

Do you feel bad about losing and gaining weight over and over again? If you said yes as an answer to this question, it’s time I let you know 5 most basic tips to help you reduce your weight:

Don’t Skip Meals!

This is something I realized after skipping meals to lose weight that if you get too much hungry you end up eating very unhealthy choices of food so instead of skipping meals, make sure you eat small quantities of food throughout the day. Your diet should include a breakfast, lunch, tea time snack, dinner and something healthy to cut down your late night cravings. Add all the low carb, high protein food in your daily diet and you will see how much a difference it makes to your body. You will feel full yet you will be losing weight.

Keep a Food Journal

The road down to fitness is easy when you know what you are eating. 70% of our weight loss is dependent on our diet. If you are working out daily and eating the same amount of calories you won’t have a calorie deficit. So, make sure you are burning more than you are eating or you are eating less than you are burning daily. How do you keep a track of that? Well, there are amazing apps like myfitnesspal and other online easy to access food journals which can provide you calorie information of anything that you will enter into it. Add up to your daily intake and minus it from the calories you burned to see what is your daily calorie deficit.

Pump Up the Protein

Protein takes less time to digest and makes you feel full for longer period of time. So, eat meat more food enriched with protein like fish, chicken, salmon and eggs.

Make Green Tea Your Rescue!

It’s easier to keep your metabolism fast and digest food when you have 3-4 cups of green tea daily. Make a habit of having green tea with your meals. Put this idea in your mind that the healthy food I am taking in will become a way to shedding my extra pounds if I will top it with green tea. Trust me, green tea will not only keep you fresh but it will also flush out all the toxins from your body.

Keep the Treats OUT

The most ignored factor normally is keeping the treats far from your eyes. It’s very simple! If you won’t see ice cream, pizzas and frizzy drinks in your house you won’t crave for them. So, keep these treats out of your house. If you have kids that leave food unfinished and you are eating it so that it won’t get wasted, don’t do that! You will not even know how many extra calories you will eat. Save all that leftover food and give it to a beggar. Even if you have a party at your house or you have to dine out. Choose a steak or fish to eat. Learn how to choose healthier food options. Always have water with food, keep yourself away from sodas, frizzy drinks and milkshakes.

Install a Pedometer and Start Walking

These days pedometer is the best way to keep you motivated and track how many calories you are burning daily. Start with 5k steps daily and slowly make it 10k on a regular basis. 10k steps will be around 8km of walk and that will make you lose 400 to 500 calories easily.
Hope you liked this article and it will help you to lose weight. If you have more interesting tips, do share with us by commenting below.

Good luck! 🙂