Bar tables and stools has been a trendy accessory for many years. In the beginning they were only used in business settings, like diners, eateries, tea and coffee shops and bars. In the new age, many more homeowners have installed bar tables and stools within their homes. The bar furnishings are used for family entertaining, social gatherings and professional hosting parties and more!

Standard Bar Table and Stool Height

The standard-height for bar chairs is anywhere from 28 to 30 inches high, which is the most recommended size for dining areas within the home. Amidst the many varieties of selections, you can narrow down your choice and choose one that can compliment your home decor. This size also renders comfort-ability and adjustable fitting in the event additional seating is required.

The standard height for counters fall anywhere from 40 to 42 inches high. The good news is bar counters are designed in small sizes, which is quite convenient for small areas in the home. These tables are even more favourable for people who lack eat-in dinettes and for this reason, the bar table can be converted into an eatery section and still be used for hosting and family gatherings.

What’s the Recommended Distance between a Stool and Bar Table?

To ensure you have the right comfort-ability for you, your family and guests, make sure there’s enough space linking each stool to the table. This is essential, the last thing you want is for you and your guests to feel uncomfortable and crowded. So, it’s recommended to allow at least 6 inches from each stool. Stools that contain arms and swirl around features, adjust to 8 to 10 inches.

Furthermore, upon making your selection, you want to certainly choose the options that you can later adjust if need be. This adds an added convenience for children and adults to have access to use the bar and stools with no hassles.

Determining How Many Stools to Add to Your space

To adequately choose the amount of stools suitable for your kitchen island, allow 28 to 30 inches per each stool. Next, divide the length of your island by 30 to determine the amount of stools that will be appropriate. Nonetheless, you can also determine how many stools, from where you decide to place the furnishings. If your space is small, then you know, your limited to, but some many stools.

Comes in Different Styles and Materials

Bar tabletops and chairs come in various categories. Thus, teak, aluminium and stainless steel are the most trendy selections today. They feature a superb quality material that renders style, comfort and compliments your decor.

Fits Anywhere

The bar and stools are equipped to fit perfectly into any space within your home and remember they can also be customized and adjusted to your liking. Nonetheless, to take your decor to the next level. You also can select an array of options for your outdoor furniture needs, suitable for your yard and deck area.


Many also favor the fact that these furnishings are lightweight, easy to pick up and move around.


In addition to the thousands of styles, easy maintenance and cleaning, bar chairs and table tops are great accents of furnishings that can accommodate your decor. They are long lasting and simply to maintain and clean. Furthermore, if you are the one who hosts, entertains and conduct family gatherings, then the bar furnishings may be perfect for your lifestyle.


Overall, we’ve provided the details and the many reasons why bar counters and tables may be suitable for your home living. They are more than just furnishings. But rather essential accents that add pizzazz to your decor. Providing you and your guest the comfort and style one appreciates.