These days, there is a constant rush in everyone’s life. People run day and night to strive for either their careers or their families. We all have a tight schedule in which we try to fit in our work, meetings, family time, friends, errands, and then personal entertainment and somewhere amongst them all what suffers the most is our sleeping habit or sleeping hours.

Most of the people these days complain about sleeplessness and how it affects their next day very badly. This constant insomnia is due to:

  • lack of good habit of going to sleep at a determined time regularly
  • tiredness of the whole day or
  • the excitement of the next day.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with sleepless nights successfully:

Things That Can Help You Sleep Well

  • Exercise in the evening instead of morning so your body is tired enough to welcome the rest when you finally hit the bed at night
  • Or else arrange the daily errands of the day for evening till night
  • Make a habit of reading at night; that generally promises a good night sleep
  • Do not use or limit the use of your cell phone in bed because that ultimately kills your sleep and time
  • Dim your lights because they generally help inducing sleep in you
  • Try to stick to a scheduled time for bed

Things to opt after a sleepless night

Even though you have had a bad night’s sleep, you must not try and prolong it in the morning. Get up quick at the first ring of your alarm. And follow as below:

  • Let some sun shine on you through your window or you can take at least 15 minutes out for yourself and take a walk outside in the sunshine
  • When you return don’t be lazy to miss out on a cold shower. This will make your fresh and will help you start your day with a pleasant mood
  • Have your dark coffee to kick start your day
  • Now jot down your ‘To do list’ to get started with your routine efficiently
  • Arrange your tasks in a way that heavy labor or outdoor tasks could be done in the first half of your day and small errands or paperwork to be done in the afternoon or in the evening
  • Try to get power naps in between as it fuels up your energy and helps you bounce back from your sleeplessness
  • If you have bags under your eyes or a general puffiness on your face, then go on and apply some light make up