Are you planning on throwing a summer BBQ party in your backyard? If yes, then you have come to the right place to get inspiration. I have compiled a few ideas that you can use to throw an awesome house party. While some of the ideas are a little mainstream, I still think they look stunning when executed properly.

A Floor-Sitting

Floor-sittings are my favorite for several reasons. They are quite easy to set up and they are super fun. All you need are a few wooden crates. I prefer painting them with creamy white spray paint to make them look a bit polished. Cover it with a white tablecloth and lay the whole setup on a lined blanket with some cushions. It would give a cozy appearance and it requires minimum effort.

A Stash of Healthy Snacks

I don’t know about you, but my friends are a huge fan of healthy snacks. I can’t afford skipping edible items from the menu that are sugar-free, gluten-free AND delicious! My choice is often a fruit salad, but sometimes I don’t have the time for that or I don’t feel like putting too much effort into it.

An easy getaway is arranging a centerpiece full of fruits. Drag your coffee table out in the backyard. Put some chopped up fruits and veggies in beautiful glass bowls of various sizes. Adorn the coffee table with a vibrant-colored tablecloth and your bowls of healthy munchies. Your guests would LOVE the treat.

Take Photography to the Next Level

What’s the fun of parties if you don’t take photos? These days, photo props and photo booths are all the rage. But I won’t advise buying these things from the market because they are generally very costly. Instead, buy some materials from a stationery shop and make your photo props at home. Make a large photo frame from cardboard and hang it from a tree, you can decorate it with paper flowers or even real flowers and leaves.

Another fun photography idea is keeping a Polaroid camera. They are not very expensive, and you can take photos of the guests that they can take home after the party.

Fun Games

You can set up many different fun games for the summer party. One of my favorites is the water balloon fight. Water balloons come in all sizes and colors and various interesting shapes. You can fill them up with colored or plain cold water and stash them all in a basket for a fun and spontaneous water fight.

Another exciting game for your summer party is the color fight. You might have seen the Indian festival “Holi” where they throw colors at each other. You can use chemical-free color powder for the color fight, but I must warn you, it can get quite messy.

You can also keep a few board games like chess or monopoly for the grownups who don’t like the more dynamic activities.

A Cocktail Bar

What’s the fun of a summer party without a perfect cocktail bar? You can have two. If you are going to have kids over at your party, make a lemonade stand for them. Apart from that, you can have a few jars full of fruit cocktails on a coffee table; or a vintage-style bowl full of fruit punch. Your guests would love you for not letting them get dehydrated during all the fun activities that you have planned for them.

An Open Mic

There is no enjoyment without a few amateur music performances? If you’ve got friends who are skilled at playing music or singing, then make sure you have a little platform for them to showcase their talent. The open mic can save you from having to entertain your guests because they will be entertaining themselves.

And don’t forget to keep a karaoke machine for the kids as well, you shouldn’t let them miss out on the fun!

All-day Starters Menu

All that healthy snacking is great for the weight-watchers. But what about those who love a good meal and don’t bother calculating the carbs? A simple solution is stashing a few starters as finger food items. You can have cheese sticks, tiny cupcakes and lasagna bites on the menu. And please don’t forget ice-lollies, they’re a must-have at summer parties!

My personal favorite is corndogs. Making corndogs is pretty simple. You need to make a batter of cornmeal, skewer a hotdog on a barbecue stick, dip it into the cornmeal mixture and fry it up. You can wrap the hotdog in a slice of cheddar cheese before dipping it in cornmeal batter for that melty texture under all the crunchiness. It is a popular food item at festivals, and I am sure your guests would love it.

The S’mores Bar

I know you were waiting for the part where I bring desserts into the plan. A barbecue is incomplete without s’mores. But, why go through all the effort of making s’mores yourself? Make a self-service s’mores bar. All you need is a stand with three buckets stashed horizontally, or vertically; one for the crackers, one for chocolate and one for marshmallows.

Add a cute tag of S’mores; you can find many funny and adorable printable on Pinterest. And your personal S’mores’ Bar is all set!

Bug Repellents

If you are hosting an all-day summer party, you need a few protective items for your guests. I suggest spraying the backyard with insecticides a day before the party. Additionally, you can hang a cute bucket on a stand with all the protective items like a bug/mosquito repellant lotion and sunscreen for the day. Your guests would thank you for it.

Bid Them Farewell with Giveaways

The perfect ending to a fun party is the ideal giveaway. Depending on your budget, there are many things that you can consider for a summer party giveaway. My favorite gift that I love giving and receiving as well is a sapling for my garden, you can also give away homemade cookies nicely wrapped in butter paper.

Alright, I hope all these ideas helped you plan the perfect summer party. And I know that planning a party can be stressful, but don’t forget to have fun!