Luxury in the city is what the Ayana Midplaza Jakarta hotel embodies. It is a five-star hotel in a beautiful and towering building in the middle of the busy city of Jakarta.

As a five-star hotel, luxury is its middle name. It is part of an award-winning hotel management brand that personifies the hospitality business. Its five-star amenities and facilities keep their loyal customers visiting more and more.

Here are the luxurious amenities that you will experience when you book a business or holiday visit to this hotel.

Swimming pool

One of the leading luxury facilities in this hotel is the swimming pool. It is strategically located to ensure that you get a tan from basking in the sun. It is beautifully decorated with sculptures and shaded pool beds where hotel guests can relax and take in the beautiful weather.

The swimming pool space is suitable for parties, weddings, corporate events, and other social gatherings. Participants can enjoy a great view of the city beneath them.


The Ayana luxury hotel Jakarta also has a well-equipped gym for its guests. The gym is suitable for light or heavy exercises and is open at all times.

It is well frequented by business people and city dwellers who need a relaxing environment to exercise and rejuvenate their bodies and muscles. The gym also offers programs for groups to exercise together.

It is aesthetically pleasing and its wall to wall, ceiling to floor windows that allow those exercising here to get a view and feel of nature.

Aerobics studio

Another of the hotel’s luxurious amenities is the aerobics studio. Here a qualified trainer takes the guests and participants through strenuous aerobic exercises. It is also exquisitely designed to ensure that participants have enough space to exercise and to breathe easy as they exercise in the tropical weather.

It is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to help you successfully carry out your aerobics exercises.

Squash court

A well-aerated squash court is also available for the hotel guests. Here, guests can play in teams of twos and sweat it out. It is air-conditioned to provide suitable conditions for players. All you need to play a game is available in the hotel on request.

Tennis court

Enjoy the fresh air as you engage in a game of tennis. The professional tennis court available at the hotel is open at all hours for guests to stretch their muscles and play a few rounds of tennis.

If you like to play when the sun has gone down, you can. The hotel has integrated a lighting system on the tennis court to ensure a safe playing zone in the evenings. It also enhances visibility allowing guests to play late into the night.

Spa treatments

The spa at the Ayana hotels is a global award winner of the best spa in the world award. You can rest assured that the service you receive in any of the Ayana hotels is professional and the best in its class.

With professional attendants, you can quickly ease the strain of a long day in a spa session. With a combination of modern and traditional Indonesian massage skills and therapeutic oils, you will refresh and relax your mind and body in no time.

Airport transfer

A highlight of your stay here is the classy and comfy airport transfer offered by the hotel. With the proper arrangements, the hotel will pick you from the airport, providing a comfortable 45-minute journey from the airport to the hotel.

An equally comfy journey to the airport on the last day of your stay with at the hotel is also provided.


The Ayana Midplaza Jakarta is a leading luxury hotel around the world. The above amenities are available for its guests to enjoy whenever they are staying in the hotel.

As a city hotel, it offers a great ambiance that helps its busy guests escape the busy streets even for a short while.