Author: Veronika Knue

The future of car insurance is so personal

With the advent of smartphones, smart apps and advanced technology, car insurance is not lagging far behind. We might soon come across something called UBI which is Usage Based Insurance policy through which your driving record will be recorded and stored for commercial usage as this record will be used to determine your premiums. This is nothing short of a futuristic wonder because the insurance company will be able to track your mileage and your movement too. This may sound very technical but it has a simple mechanism: your phone or a car device will have a special chip...

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How to deal with negativity

We are some many people in the world and we have diverse personalities and approaches towards life and problems. Some laugh off their own problems and help you look at your issues with a touch of humor while some are cynical about everything in life, good or bad. This negative attitude, definitely has some reasons and before you could hate somebody, you must consider the following tips to help you deal with the negativity of the people, in an unaffected way. Stay Calm and Analyze When you are in a situation where someone is constantly badgering you with their...

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5 ways to manage your anger

Anger is an important emotion of us that demands to be felt just like pain or other feelings. Some people find it very hard to manage their anger or control it enough to live peacefully. Following are few tips for your better anger management. Replace Your Anger With Gratitude We are going to suggest you the hacks that we have experienced for ourselves. The foremost is to replace your anger with the feeling of gratitude. You can collect enough reasons in your daily routine to be grateful about and when you will be full of this thankfulness, you won’t...

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Puffa Jacket

The time of the year that asks for the outerwear to rescue you from the chilliness in the wind and crisp echoes of air, none other than winter. Who doesn’t want to be warm against the high odds of the chilly days and most particularly the nights. A warmer jacket, coat, muffler, sweatshirt and sweaters are all the wide options that can help us live through the cold winters starting from chilly winds to snow blizzards. If you have picked the right option for yourself than the best thing is to not only cope through the wintry weather but...

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Why life insurance is important

Insurance is a silent promise that somebody will take care of you in some way. It may have many types that guarantee you reimbursement of the loses that occurred in your life. But the most important, or special in its way, is Life Insurance. Life insurance can only be reimbursed when you die but it promises to take care of your debts, your family, your funeral arrangements cost, by giving financial support to the next of your kin. It can also be your one gesture to take care of your family even when you are not around to give...

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Stop getting hurt

In life, sometimes things seem more confusing than they really are. We easily blame the worse that’s happening to us, on to others without contemplating the fact that we ourselves could be the reason of this whole pain caused to us. It could be your own fault if someone hurts you, neglects you or is not pursuing a relationship with you seriously. You need to stop complaining that love isn’t real. You need to stop blaming and start looking for the reasons that keep getting you hurt. When you a meet a person that charms you with his quick...

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