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New social security credit freeze empowers consumers

On September 21st of this year (2018) the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act now allows consumers to either Freeze their Credit or Place a One Year Fraud Alerts on their account for Free. Formerly consumers could do these two things, but depending on the state in which you lived in they often it required hefty fees be paid. Social Security Number Security Social security numbers which were originally first issued during the new deal to allow for benefits of older Americans has morphed into our national identification number. This all important number allows consumers (or criminals)...

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Six tips to convert your Instagram followers into customers

Because of the numerous visual intrigues it has, Instagram has become a major favorite of many people from around the world. As a marketer, it holds immense potential as well, thanks to its ever-increasing user base (currently at one billion, with active users at almost 900 million). When the visual content being shared is at its best, it is always emotionally provocative, and makes a lasting impression on the people who see it. Here is another fact you may have missed – engagement on the platform is huge. In fact, it is much more than other platforms like Twitter...

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Why you should soundproof your car

A sound damping material added to a vehicle comes with numerous benefits. The need to install these products is sometimes misunderstood by vehicle owners. Therefore, shown below are some of the benefits that come with soundproofing your car. Keeping sane by reducing interior noise Fancy vehicles and muscle cars produce a considerable amount of noise that can disrupt conversations conducted in the car. Car occupants will have to shout for them to convey messages. The noise also thwarts any attempt to listen to customized music from the stereo system. Driving in such a noisy condition especially for long distances...

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Learn 101 of Java coding with educational apps

In the ever growing world of the Internet, learning programming became quite a fruitful job opportunity. Although I wouldn’t call myself a professional programmer by far, I was always interested in learning the basics at least – especially Java. Since I don’t have the time to completely dedicate myself to any Java tutorial or any other programming language, I decided to check out if there’s a way to learn 101 of Java without spending too much time or money. While going through quite a number of online courses I stumbled upon a few apps claiming to offer the right...

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How to use WordPress for your digital marketing and promotion?

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to ensure complete exposure of your brand in the contemporary times. Conventional marketing is still a classic choice but with the advent of internet and technology means that the technical advancements in the internet influence everything that we do today. From social media to website development, everything has the potential to become the best marketing tool for you provided you know how to make the most of it. The world that is ruled by technology is evolving rapidly, and more and more people around the globe are using the web for...

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Outsource your responsibility – hire a digital marketer

Are you the boss of your own business? Are you looking to outsource some of your workloads? Then look no further to hire a digital marketing freelancer from the best freelancers sites to provide you with the right skilled and experienced freelancer in the industry. Outsourcing is important for your business or start-up as needs a close look at the person you’re outsourcing the work to. A certain amount of skills, professionalism, and determination is required in the digital marketing when you hire freelancers online. Therefore, we’re here to guide you through the path. How important is marketing? The...

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