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What is the most suitable age for a child to start using a cell phone

With the technological advancement that is spreading its wings around the globe and into the horizon, it is very hard to keep your children whatever age, away from technology and technicalities of the tech age. A question arises: what is the most suitable age for your child to start using a cell phone? Some people are in favor of their early age, recommending learning through the cell phones, while a significant number of researchers say that it is highly harmful for your child’s mind, grooming, personality, eyes and sitting posture. With kids being sensitive in every way, parents are...

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The launch of the world’s longest aircraft

A test flight of ‘Flying Bum’, the world’s longest aircraft, was recently launched. It was a four-hour surprise test flight that many eyes witnessed, along with the aerial maneuvers executed by the 20-tonne Airlander. Even though, to avoid the crowds, the test drive wasn’t publicly announced. The prototype of the aircraft was 38,000 cubic-meter and it took off from the Cardington Airfield. Previously, a similar test drive failed when the 92 metres long airship plummeted down from the skies, on 24 August last year, being severely damaged. The company is hoping to launch the official flights in 2019, after...

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WhatsApp introduces 5 new features

WhatsApp liberates you to be in touch with your loved ones and acquaintances from anywhere around the globe at any time. It has now become the world’s most frequently used and most popular application. The purpose of WhatsApp was to facilitate users communication which is why it keeps updating and launching new features for the benefit of its users. Here are the new five additional features that WhatsApp has introduced: Pinned Chats Feature To reach your loved ones conveniently WhatsApp has introduced Pinned chats feature. Using this added advantage, you can pick any of your three favorite chats and...

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Testa Model 3 ready

The launch of the most anticipated Tesla Model 3 vehicle was announced to be held next month along with the announcement of Tesla’s Design Studio/Configurator for Model 3, by none other than the Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk. First customers will be offered only a choice of color and wheel size but later on customers could be allowed to customize their vehicles. The CEO said that there would be more options to choose from once the production of the vehicle rises, including a modified dual motor version which will be available starting 2018. The Model 3 initial configuration has intentionally...

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From Wrist to Body-Worn Devices

The enterprise wearable market is experiencing a shift from wrist-worn devices to body- and head-worn wearables. ABI Research forecasts enterprise wearable shipments will grow from 30 million shipments in 2016 to nearly 147 million in 2021 with wrist-worn wearable shipments projected to triple by 2021 to reach 30 million. Body-worn devices will surge from 20 million to more than 116 million over the same period. “The body-worn segment includes smart glasses, VR headsets, hearables, wearable cameras, smart clothing, and mHealth devices,” says Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst at ABI Research. “Wrist-worn wearables have been great at collecting data, but their...

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Vast Majority of Millennials Would Buy an Electric Car

Some 80% of young drivers would consider buying an electric car according to new research conducted by Marmalade, the leading provider of cars and insurance for young drivers. The survey questioned drivers, aged 17-24 years old, about their thoughts on purchasing electric cars and their perception of these vehicles. Furthermore, almost 85% said they would purchase an electric car in a bid to being more environmentally friendly. There were concerns from young drivers regarding current specifications of electric cars including 82% of respondents stating that the limited miles from a battery are a drawback. In addition 80% of those...

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