Author: Syed Asad Ali

Price or brand loyalty?

It is rightly said that sales is very much an easier task when having some good loyal customers. But studies made available in the past few years showed that more and more people have switched away from their old favorite products and brands in recent years. Think about you: do you prefer to pay more for the sake of the brand name or you are happy with the quality of less known products? Of course, you have to try such products before answering that question. As expected some people said that they are happy with no name versions of...

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Slip resistant shoes for men

Why bother to wear shoes? Obviously, to keep our feet safe from uneven surfaces, getting them rough, getting hurt and to get good grip on all sorts of grounds and floors without discomfort. With technology comes more ease, and shoe industry is not very behind either. A new feature of slip resistance has been added to the shoes of the working class of men. This is not only more beneficial but they are also very classy. The mechanism behind this feature is that this new line of shoes have rooted under the sole tread grooves which help the men...

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Virtual Reality is good

With every era, technology has advanced into creating new wonders. We can hardly escape it these days. Of course, we love the conveniences and advantages it offers and we happily make ourselves habitual of it. Virtual Reality or VR is just another such a technological advancement that intrigues our mind and our senses to a complete new level. We can explore our simulated, created environment through the VR, as though we are living in it, experiencing it and observing it in reality. It creates a 3D moving image which seems to be surrounding the user, giving him the illusion...

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Future Apple gadgets to feature a brand new AI chip

Intact is the aim of Apple to change the horizons of technology and keep improving and enhancing its own gadgets and devices. Be it its processor, its functions, apps, hardware or its inbuilt chips. Previously, being the colossal technology enhancer and builder, Apple was trying to fuse its own differently paired and manufactured models. Then in 2011, Apple launched Siri which worked as an intelligent personal assistant. This program was integrated in iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS operating systems. It followed certain commands, could make suggestion and answer to your queries, using artificial intelligence. This program then helped the...

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How to use your smartphone for home security

In the current era of smart technology and gadgets, securing a home is as easy as it can get. We are mostly skeptic about the new inventions for home security but now with the advancement of technology, the treacherous means of home security are replaced by the most user-friendly smartphones. Most common ways of using smart phones for home security are: Cloud storage of CCTV Connecting your CCTV with the cloud storage can bring out many advantages. The recorded tapes cannot be destroyed or confiscated, you need no space or store room to keep them safe and you can...

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An entire new city for self-driving cars

South Korea is the 5th in the world for cars production and export which is why, it is most likely to go an extra mile to introduce a new concept in this area. For the long awaited invention of autonomous car, South Korea has started to build a city of its own purpose and unique characteristic. They may have taken up the idea from the 32 acre Mcity, as the reports hint, which is a mock town for testing of the self-driving cars in Michigan (United States), but it is more than double the size of the Mcity, simulating...

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