Author: Syed Ali

An entire new city for self-driving cars

South Korea is the 5th in the world for cars production and export which is why, it is most likely to go an extra mile to introduce a new concept in this area. For the long awaited invention of autonomous car, South Korea has started to build a city of its own purpose and unique characteristic. They may have taken up the idea from the 32 acre Mcity, as the reports hint, which is a mock town for testing of the self-driving cars in Michigan (United States), but it is more than double the size of the Mcity, simulating...

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How to create alliances at work

The ties we make at work are far more treasured than the relations we develop in our personal or social circle. The professional cronies could be helpful beyond our general expectations especially when we need a suggestion, a shoulder to cry on, a pat to muster our courage, an ear, a useful/handy resource, an observer, a confidante even a shrink or motherly figure to boss us around. The hours spent at office are productive in every sense, keeping in sight, the countless diverse experiences, views, opinions, resources along with strong suggestions, perky comments, and a bunch of assorted personalities,...

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