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What gets in the way of a good night’s sleep?

These days, anxiety has taken over the world and all its inhabitants. We all are affected by the numerous issues and problems of life which naturally result in lack of sleep. To overcome this problem, people have developed multiple remedies and solutions out of which 90% are just hoaxes and the remaining 10% are just a common sense or luck but there is no proved theory behind it. Some say ‘shower before bed and you will fall asleep in no time’ while some other suggest things like early sleep time, reading before sleep, drink hot milk before bed, count...

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Diving penguins discovered ‘talking’ to each other

In our hunger for more knowledge and more signs of other species and their communication, we the humans keep experimenting. This time – penguins – scientists strapped cameras to the backs of some penguins. This way they successfully acquired tens of hours of footage of the penguins, so they were able to study and observe the penguins and their communication patterns and how they use particular sounds for their diverse purposes and to ‘talk’ with other penguins, while they all hunt for their meal in the sea. Scientists have observed a clear difference in the behavior of the penguins...

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Sleeping well – 3 nutrients & foods that will help

Natural Sleep is a phenomenon, very less people enjoy it these days. We are consumed by the advanced era, technology, gadgets and medications. This has become a widespread problem for the majority of the population. We depend massively on stimulation and medication for a good night sleep and sometimes even they fail to help us and we stay uneasy and sleepless all night. This also happens because of the extensively busy schedules, unbalanced diet and more or less the anxieties and pressures of work and life. We understand that a good night sleep is a must to restore the...

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Get your old parents to exercise more

Exercise is an ultimate solution to a lot of our body issues, diseases, sloppiness and most importantly laziness. It caters to all ages and body shapes or sizes but most of all, it is a dire need for elderly people. It keeps them active and helps them guard themselves against all sorts of odds internally and externally including the diseases like Alzheimer, heart diseases or arthritis. Wojtek J. Chodzko-Zajko, the dean of the Graduate College at the University of Illinois who is also a Ph.D expert on adults exercise, says: “If you want to reduce the risk of getting...

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Follow the dark walls trend, easily

Your atmosphere and surroundings have a significant impact on your life and your mood. The better they are incorporated with your choice the best it would be able to present itself. With the increasing race of following the trend and new style of the time, people mistakenly fall into the trap of it without realizing whether they would like it or hate it. Not sure about how to even manage and make the best of it. Such is the trend of dark rooms and dark walls trend. People have started to try it without realizing how it’s affecting them...

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Saving money during summer

The summer calls for some additional bills for usage and maintenance of air conditioning, back yards and even household expenses when children are at home, for their summer break. The cost of these can be an extra burden on the wallet. But a research showed that Britons don’t let the season affect them and they know how to take the best out of every tricky situation. So, with the start of the summer season, they begin to save money to cater to their extra spending. They save up to their maximum on the trivial things and enjoy countless online...

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