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Want to apply for a small business loan? Here are some benefits you will experience

Every business needs funds at multiple stages. Whether you are recovering from a loss, growing your business or initiating a brand-new project, you will need funds to address these entire situations. When you are starting your business, funding appears to be minimal. Entrepreneurs most likely will deploy strategies to make the best use of their resources in all possible ways. But you could still be needing money, and there are ways to attain that. One of the ways is to opt in for a small business loan. When you are opting-in for a small business loan, you can enjoy...

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Reasons why a company should reward employees with novated lease

When it comes to buying a personal vehicle or car, people generally go for bank loan process. Getting a loan from the bank would not be difficult when a person has a good credit score and perfect employment background. Bank generally thinks about protection of its money. Hence, it would only allow loans to those who have an excellent credit record or history. Nevertheless, the person must be capable of paying off the monthly loan premiums. That can only happen if the person has a stable income source. Apart from the bank loan, interested car buyers have another choice,...

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Create your own diet! How to tailor fit your diet regimen

The best diet one can follow in order to remain healthy is a diet that suits one’s needs. Hence, no longer do you have to worry about following a particular diet one of your friends or relatives is following. Every person is unique and can eat foods based on their personal requirements for achieving a fit and toned body that remains active. This article intends to provide you with an insight into how you can ensure that you inculcate amazing foods and lead a nourished lifestyle. Ditch the Inflammatory Foods Whether you are thin or struggling to lose weight,...

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Putting together a cadré of wellness experts (or, a holistic approach to health)

When I was in my young twenties a friend introduced me to a trio of Chinese medicine practitioners: Dr Kuang, the acupuncturist; his wife, Dr. Yao, the herbalist; and their assistant, Nurse Ling. For the next 15 or so years the three of them fixed every ailment I had, from joint pain to flu to the weird virus that left half my face numb and my balance off-kilter. Life was easy. But then one day they upped and left. Their neighbor informed me they’d returned home following their son’s hijacking. He was fine, but they weren’t taking any chances....

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Understanding the 4 types of workplace explosion injuries

In 2016 there were 88 fatal injuries caused by fires and explosions in the workplace, in the U.S. This number doesn’t account for the thousands of others who suffered life-altering injuries due to this situation. In most cases, workplace explosions occur in work environments where there are hazardous substances, such as open flames, gas storage tanks and explosives. These substances are common in workplaces such as mines, oil refineries, construction sites and manufacturing facilities. Regardless of the environment, if a person ever has an explosion accident injury, they may need to find out about the types of injuries they...

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The case for fat

Even the healthiest among us want to lose weight, or at least avoid fat. The best way seems to just be controlling your appetite, right? The problem is, very few people know how to go about that. But how much thought could it possibly require? What if the answer wasn’t eating less but eating better? What if the way to be less hungry and even lose weight is to eat more… fat? The fallacy of “eat less fat, be less fat” Why would you need to eat food with fat in it, anyway? There’s non-fat milk, low-fat cookies. The...

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