Author: Santiago Romero

Strengthen your knees with this workout routine

Exercise is important for your entire body be it your muscles or your bones, they all get benefited equally from it, even some of our internal organs are affected by it and get healthy with a proper walk, running or a routine exercise and your heart, mind and lungs function better and get healthy. Sometimes to cater to a specific area we train differently to attain different targets. For instance, runners, who are required to maintain a proper form and strength, knees are the most important. Even when they warm up or prepare for their rounds they need to...

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How many pushups should I be able to do

One of the universal truths is that exercise is an innumerably advantageous, physical activity for every human being, man or woman. There is a plethora of exercising types, modes, medium, categories and tools which each have their own specific advantages. One of such exercising type is pushups. This alone has many benefits for an individual’s body, mind, shape, energy, muscles and spirit. People do it for different purposes. Some might perform this type of exercise to reduce their weight or some might do it to change their upper body shape but whatsoever is the reason it is a perfect...

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