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What’s that smell? 4 common home odors and causes

It’s every host’s nightmare: What if my friends think my house smells bad? Taking care of an apartment comes with great perks – like being able to host Super Bowl parties – but it has drawbacks as well. The thing about noses is they tend to get used to bad smells over time, which is great for you, not so much for your guests. Bad smells can originate from all kinds of sources and be annoyingly difficult to fix. Here are a few things we’ve noticed that could be causing your guests to leave the party early. You’ve Got...

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The moving checklist

You would never really understand the effort and pressures at hand of those who shift houses or move for personal or work reasons, unless you face such an abysmal time yourself. Whatever the reason is, moving takes a lot of your effort, attention and time and thus it can push you to your limits while you go through the entire minor to major details of moving, starting from wrapping & packing to unpacking and re-decorating in the new place. To begin the task at hand, one needs motivation as it’s a pressure looming on your head to start packing...

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Improve your front porch and impress the buyers

In general, you cannot peek in the quality or features of any product unless you purchase it or begin to use it, but nevertheless you buy it off the market depending entirely upon its outlook. If it appeals you, you become willing to put your money on stake and buy but if it doesn’t appeal or attract you, then you will not even look towards it twice. Similarly, you need to improve the outlook of your front porch of the house so the customers buying or renting your home get real appeal and attraction to look in and try...

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Protect your home from mold and mildew

When you make your own home with all the love and care and put in all your savings then the last thing you would want is to leave it exposed to mold and mildew. They are nasty creepers that can appear in the most unexpected places and are extremely harmful for you and your family. As important as it is to remove them properly you cannot deal with these easily. They grow fast and soon become impossible to handle yourself. One way is to call the professional help and save your home and its inhabitants from these creepers and...

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Tips for organizing your garage

Garage is a space in your home that adds to your advantage. But unfortunately, like many families around the globe, you tend to start dumping everything in your garage and it becomes more of a store room then a car garage and has every ordinary thing stored in here apart from your vehicles and their accessories. When things are discarded in an extra space up and down, they obviously take more space than is required. So, all you need is to set things in order, to give your vehicles their owed space. Give it a methodical change in about...

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