Author: Mauricia Stark

First job? How to master the workload

Being students, we go through significant workload and the juggling of assignments, projects, deadlines, thesis, quizzes and many others, during the entire educational period. This might make us think that after going through this tiresome path of paperwork, when we begin our practical life with the first job, it would be easy to manage. Well, this is a totally wrong expectation. Practical work in your career has nothing to do with the student life and you better prepare well to handle it with ease and efficiency. Your career and good name depends on the way you will be handling...

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What lies behind “You Can’t”

When there is a dream then there is doubter as well. At least one. Success and life are the things that are about how you react to whatever happens to you. If you are dreaming about something then you must be prepared for doubters. You do not need to be worried about them as they can work positively if you respond to them positively. Any kind of external doubt can lead to self-doubt which is considered as dream killer. In order to deal with external doubts, keep below mentioned tips in mind. Doubters do care Not all doubters are...

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How to make the best of yourself

We wake up every day, repeat the same schedule and have the same outcomes. Where is the change? Are we born to live the same boring life again and again? We are in severe need of changing ourselves and of making the best personality out of ourselves. Here are some tips which can help you to do so. Do something out of the box We should do something that is not ordinary at all. We use to follow paths of others in order to succeed in life but that is not right. We should create our own path which...

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