Author: Kelly Joyner

Kalonji seeds health benefits

We find it difficult to believe that something as easily available as kalonji seeds could be so beneficial for our health. Yes, it’s true, while every Indian kitchen is familiar with the beautiful aroma coming from tempering the kalonji or Nigella seeds (from its scientific name Nigella sativa), is an interesting spice, we hardly give it a thought that it can give more to the dish than just the flavour and it is just added to a number of dishes making flavorful dishes such as curries, dal, samosa with equal elan. But that’s just the flavoring part of it,...

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How to get a fit and sexy body – the 3 key areas to focus on

The majority of people would like to improve their body shape in one way or another. Achieving a fit and sexier looking body is often the original reason for many people to join a gym in the first place. Of course, a “fit” or “sexy” body is going to be somewhat rooted in individual opinion and can be very subjective. For this article, I am going to focus on a generalized definition of those words. In most cases, getting a fitter and sexier body means an individual is aiming to do two things: lose some fat and build a...

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