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The next revolution in football

[Press Release] Football has a New Playing Field. OurField, a revolutionary mobile-only app dedicated to football, has been launched globally. Players, fans, clubs and brands all come together for one common goal – football. OurField is set to change the role Social Media plays in football. Currently Social Media platforms have attracted millions of football followers but with no direct tangible return for anyone involved apart from the platform itself. The app is a Social Media Market Place that provides rewards for everyone involved. OurField allows brands to digitally sponsor players and clubs sharing any revenue directly back with...

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Wear glasses one day a week

In a recent survey with 3,500 people, Vision Direct found that almost half (48%) of their customers wear contact lenses seven days a week. Out of this group, only 53% realised that taking a break could improve their eye health. Although inconvenienced by checkups, the majority of the survey group said they thought eye health check-ups were important. Vision Direct encourages customers to have their eyes tested every year, as recommended by opticians. Wearing glasses rather than lenses for just one day a week can dramatically reduce the chance of your eyes rejecting contact lenses in the future. Director...

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You’ll fall in love with the new pumpkin spice flavor from Baileys

Fall is coming, and that means it’s time for cozy sweaters, football games, and all plaid everything, but this year, Baileys™ wants you to spice up your life with the newest addition to the brand’s liqueur collection, Baileys™ Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream Liqueur. A seasonal limited time offering, Baileys Pumpkin Spice is only available now through November, so hurry up and #BuyNowOrCryLater. As the new must-have autumn accessory, Baileys™ Pumpkin Spice is the best thing to happen to fall since apple cider and cashmere scarves. The unapologetically indulgent liqueur is a modern update on the classic Irish Cream that...

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Ego Soleil fashion label unveils Hollywood actress Cody Kennedy as new brand ambassador

Ego Soleil, a leading New York-based contemporary fashion label, has today confirmed that Hollywood actress and model Cody Kennedy has officially become a new Brand Ambassador for the company. The film and television actress is renowned for a diverse range of roles on the big and small screen from recently starring alongside James Franco in Memoria to much sought after roles in CSI: NY, The Muppets, the Disney Channel, viral internet sketches with Ironman movie franchise producer and actor, Jon Favreau as well as starring in Jason Reitman’s Casual which was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy...

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No Man’s Land

From the slums of London to the riches of an Edwardian country house; from the hot, dark seams of a Yorkshire coalmine to the exposed terrors of the trenches, Adam Raine’s journey from boy to man is set against the backdrop of a society violently entering the modern world. Adam Raine is a boy cursed by misfortune. His impoverished childhood in the slums of Islington is brought to an end by a tragedy that sends him north to Scarsdale, a hard-living coalmining town where his father finds work as a union organizer. But it isn’t long before the escalating...

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