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Cancel Christmas

People today are so stressed out in the extended run up to Christmas that they’re overwhelmed and exhausted when the day itself arrives, according to a new research from Klarna, a Swedish payment company. As a result of stress, 1 in 10 are tempted to cancel Christmas altogether, whilst 1 in 6 want to go on holiday to escape the festive frenzy, and it’s shopping which is the major cause. While it should be a period of fun and continuous happiness, 21% of people said that their happiest point during the festive season is when it’s all over. Do...

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Life insurance for children

Children are most fragile because for fulfilling their needs they are dependent on their family which is why their security matters more than any other member of the family, especially financially. For this purpose you must get them insured. These days with increased knowledge and understanding people are opting to get their children insured at very early stage which is also best for the children. You can find a lot of insurance companies but don’t let them intimidate and convince you into buying them until you get a high level of trust. Make a proper research about all the...

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Eyewear is becoming the most important fashion accessory

Fashion designers are relying more and more on eyeglasses as a key fashion accessory to complement their designs. This trend was obvious in the Fashion Week in London from 17th to 21st February. Whether as a stylish retro element or as a character statement – eyewear will be an essential part of a fashionable appearance in 2017. This is the result of a broad survey conducted by Edel-Optics, the online eyewear provider. In this survey, leading designers and fashion experts expressed their opinion on this topic. The result shows that accessories are increasingly becoming the focus in the overall...

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Triumph launches the Spring/Summer 17′ Triaction collection

To celebrate the debut of its Spring/Summer 17′ Triaction collection, Triumph launched an online campaign, featuring five inspiring women, who share their personal stories in fitness and wellbeing whilst undertaking a series of sporting challenges to test both mind and body. Team Triaction is led by online sensation, Anna Victoria, leading international fitness blogger and founder of the ‘Fit Body Guide’. Anna will be joined by UK-based fitness instructor and author of ‘Clean Eating Alice’, Alice Liveing; German Dancer and TV personality, Isabel Edvardsson; Italian Olympic Fencer, Margherita Granbassi and Polish fitness and style influencer, Anna Skura. The journey...

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My Alabaster Box

Author PL Bennett has herself struggled to understand her faith and her purpose in life. In “My Alabaster Box: A Simple Guide Through the Christian Journey”, she reaches out to others in the same situation. Becoming a Christian at nineteen, walking away from her faith, she learned to cope with life in “limbo” living for the world, while trying to hold on to her faith; but doing neither very well. Dealing with her brother’s suicide and many struggles and disappointments taught her to apply her faith to life and not to abandon it when she need it most. Patricia’s...

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Sexism and gender discrimination continue to hold women back in the workplace

Women continue to suffer sexism and gender discrimination in the workplace despite legislation and decades of so called change, concludes a BE Offices commissioned survey into how they are treated in the work environment. Covering a wide age range and seniority as well as both full-time and part-time employees, the poll highlighted the disparity between men and women that continues to exist in the British work environment. Almost a quarter (23.47%) of women reported they were paid less than male colleagues while 30.8% said they had experienced gender discrimination in the workplace up from 27.4% in 2014 when BE...

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