Author: Emily Jones

The Body Shop Global Gifting Survey reveals gifting truths

Upon receiving a gift, many struggle to resist the urge to open it immediately. The impatient may need to practice some restraint, as across the globe, 67% of people think it is polite to wait before opening a gift. This was one of the many findings from The Body Shop Global Gifting survey, which studied gifting behaviors of 1,950 men and women across 10 countries and regions from five continents. The countries and regions surveyed were: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sweden, USA and UK. Particularly in Hong Kong, 87% of people think it’s...

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Kids get up to £9 per week pocket money

According to new research by Equifax, parents say on average they give their children weekly pocket money of £7.55 for 8 to 11 year-olds and £9.01 for 12 to 16 year-olds. With 98% of parents believing it’s important that children learn about personal finance at school, the credit information expert is highlighting how pocket money can be a good way to teach kids about the value of money. According to the Equifax research of both children and parents, children appear to have a slightly different view to their parents on how much pocket money they get. On average those...

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One in ten students blow over £2700 within first fortnight of term

New research from the Institute of Inertia – a partnership between the University of Sheffield and – has revealed the extent of students’ spending habits, with a staggering one in ten (11%) set to spend their student loan (the equivalent of approx. £2700) within the first two weeks of term; more than half (51%) to spend it all before the end of term; and a quarter (28%) to fall into their overdraft. The new survey polled students and parents of students currently at university and found that, despite the appearance of their bank balance by the end of...

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I Am Who I Am

In a world which is in a constant change, staying true to yourself and developing a personal inertia is one of the most powerful tools one can develop. Although the pressure to change coming from the outside can be felt on a constant basis, resisting the urge to seek change can offer peace of mind and a chance at happiness. This article will try to unearth why it is important to know, accept, and be proud of who you are. Every individual is unique and this is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Throughout our lives, our goal...

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