Author: Edgar Rider

The trifecta of a counterproductive direction – Distractions, Worries and Excesses

Ever think you needed to do something and then got distracted by someone or something on social media? Have you ever been overcome with worry so you froze and just stood and stared into space not sure what to do about a problem? Did you ever spend a day at the shopping mall using a card buying purchases you can’t afford trying to impress someone or improve your status or to make you feel better about some problem in your life? It’s stand to reason that the Distraction, Worry and Excess mindset concentration could be described as a trifecta...

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Spellbound your progress by constantly improving your daily routine formula

It’s a busy noisy world and outside forces are hell bent on taking us from a constructive direction to a counterproductive one. Let’s face it, most of us have our time management issues. I would like to even combine it and say that most of us have a time energy management challenge. How many of us even look at our day and write it down. Do you write down the difference between an unproductive day and a constructive one? What are the factors that make up a productive day? And what are the factors that make up a better...

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Ever expansive effort in a growth mindset

It is important to draw the distinction between fixed and growth mindset. Some of us grew up believing we couldn’t do things because they were hard and we struggled to much with it and had no real natural ability. This is fixed mindset because it is the belief that there must be some in-ordained ability within. It cannot be changed with this belief either you have the ability or you do not. Growth mindset means you can improve with effort and even get better at things you once thought you had no potential at all . There is a...

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