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7 tips for starting over after a divorce

A divorce can leave you feeling self-conscious, alone, and depressed. It’s important to take the time to do whatever you can to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get your life back on track. It’s important to know that there is life after a divorce and that only you can be in control of how you feel after you have gone through one. While going through the situation on your own can be difficult, there are things that you can do to regain control of your life and get things on course again. The guide that follows walks...

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Are you pregnant or have a woman in your life who is expecting?

It is wonderful to be expecting a baby, and every woman that goes through the process would want it to be as painless as possible. Unfortunately, it can be a rough ride sometimes, especially when it is the first pregnancy – although subsequent pregnancies can have their own challenges to overcome. The changes in hormone levels as the pregnancy continues bring along some physical discomforts, and these aches and pains can affect the quality of sleep. Every trimester in the pregnancy period brings along unique challenges in sleeping habits and quality. In fact, a 2016 study revealed that the...

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Tips for getting married when you have kids

If you are getting married and you have kids, there are plenty of ways to make them feel included. Getting married when you have children can transform the dynamic of your wedding completely. The focus will shift from making yourselves happy to keeping your children happy. But, you also need to make yourself happy. Whether your happiness would be to have the perfect body you dreamed of having for your wedding (learn more about your breast augmentation options before D-day here) and fitting your gorgeous wedding dress, or it is making sure that all your important friends make it...

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7 most common dog barks interpreted

Learn How to Interpret Different Dog Barks And Their Meaning The most common barks can be described by all who keep dogs. Although you cannot know everything about your dog’s barks, it would be important to learn a few things about them. One bark may have different meanings; you just need to listen and be a little attentive to the dog to understand the meaning. Combining an understanding of the dog’s body language and what we share on this article, you can get a good idea of what your dog may be up to. If you realize that you...

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The right way to ask a friend or a relative for money they owe you!

When you find yourself waiting for money that your friends or your family members owe you, it can be more than a bit awkward. People in need often turn to their closest friends or relatives to lend them money. It is entirely reasonable, and it is a common practice all over the world. Yes, it does take a person much courage to approach a person for a loan, but that does not mean you have to agree to the proposal. Take time to think about the possible repercussions before you give them the money. Most importantly, think about the...

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Sober dating: can it be done?

Life in addiction recovery offers many new possibilities (e.g. getting a job, earning an education, reestablishing a relationship with your family, making new sober friends, etc.). One of the possibilities is starting a new intimate relationship with a healthy person. The relationships that you had during active addiction were most likely purely based on drugs/alcohol, codependency, and sex. In addition to being toxic, those relationships may have even been abusive. Sober dating is a completely different thing than dating during active addiction. Guidelines for Sober Dating Wait At Least a Year Most addiction experts would recommend that you should...

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