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7 tips to take care of naturally curly hair

While naturally curly hair looks adorable, taking care for them is a pain that no one but a woman with curly hair can understand. You have to focus on several things, right from combing on time to giving the correct amount of moisture to your extensions hair so they do not get rough and fizzy. 1. Begin by understanding the hair Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to lose moisture more often. They constantly feel under moisturized and hence most of the time goes into giving and maintaining moisture to the curly hair. On the other hand, and sadly,...

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How much is enough to spend on an engagement ring?

We all get excited to see the engagement ring, be it of our friends, family, or favourite celebrity. Particularly with the latter, we get a glimpse of beautiful designs and staggering gemstones. The price tag for such celebrity rings is far beyond most of our budgets. But the idea that an engagement ring must cost the Earth to be gorgeous and treasured is simply not true. Here to guide you through the variables of an engagement ring’s price tag, and offer advice on your choice, Angelic Diamonds takes a look at how you really pick a stunning engagement ring....

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Everything you need to know about semi-permanent makeup

What is Semi Permanent Make Up? These treatments are an advanced technique for applying natural looking make up and is also known as Micro pigmentation. It is a term used for applying coloured hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and is a form of cosmetic tattooing. How does it work? During the procedure, small amounts of pigment will be implanted into the skin producing make up that can last for years, and after time fades gradually. The pigment is made of natural iron oxide and its enhancements are so natural you would never know that ‘mother...

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How to clean white converse

Whether it be clothes, shoes, hats or any other apparel, white is a notoriously difficult color to clean. That faded quality that it acquires after a while is nearly impossible to eradicate, which is exactly why most people avoid purchasing white. Which is a shame because white can look incredibly attractive and decent. The same is true for white converse shoes; they do look mighty fine if only they never got dirty. Alas, we cannot afford to keep buying new ones every few months or so. However, there are a few handy tips which you can adopt to clean...

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Acupuncture as natural face lift and facial botox

One of the traditionally famous Chinese medicinal practices of all times is Acupuncture. Acupuncture has now entered the beauty industry and has become an alternative of natural uplifting of face and facial botox. People are using this practice from centuries for various medical treatments and to generally relax and calm the nerves and body. Basically, it is acknowledged by many analysts that acupuncture is a part therapy and part treatment of the symptoms of the problem, the illness arises from. Previously, it was used for only one purpose and that was to help release the unwanted toxins from the...

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Tips to buy the diamond jewellery online

In the recent era of technology and due to the easy access to the internet, the trend of buying and selling has been shifted online. Among the other accessory products available for online shopping, a diverse variety of jewellery is also easily available online and among them, the best quality of diamond jewellery. While breaking the old monotonous approach of buying jewellery while going to the market oneself, online purchase of jewellery has proved to have various advantages to be considered. The online shopping allows people to save their time with a readily convenient access to jewellery products. Now...

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