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Easy and fast makeup tricks every girl should know

For beginners who are just starting to put on makeup like MEMEBOX, it may take some time in getting used to the different products and jargon associated with beauty. If you are not sure where to start, learn the basics like how to properly apply powder, eyebrow, and lips. Once you master them, slowly ease your way into specific steps like contouring and highlighting. Here are some easy and fast tricks that every girl should know: Face Conceal dark and puffy eyes by creating an inverted triangle When applying concealer underneath your eyes, draw an inverted triangle with the...

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How to remove blemishes on face?

Don’t we all wish for a smooth, glowing and clear skin? But alas, not every one of us is blessed with such good genes. If there is one thing which make your good mood spiral downwards, it is definitely spotting a blemish on your beautiful face. Not only do these blemishes affect your overall appearance, for some people it can have a deeper impact in terms of having a negative impact psychologically as well. Though blemishes are a part and parcel of our daily lives, for some people it can pose as an even more serious threat. So what...

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9 amazing urban outfit ideas

Typically, fashion designers create different styles that go on to become major trends. In the meantime, there were many urban outfit ideas that were formed on the street. During the last century, urban style was only synonymous with and was identified as street fashion style. However, keeping up with modern times and tastes, urban styles now include styles that range from street fashion style to urban chic fashion style. With urban fashion being such an interesting and exciting mix of styles, here are some amazing urban outfit ideas that are bound to suit every girl’s taste. Romantic Crop Top...

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7 tips to take care of naturally curly hair

While naturally curly hair looks adorable, taking care for them is a pain that no one but a woman with curly hair can understand. You have to focus on several things, right from combing on time to giving the correct amount of moisture to your extensions hair so they do not get rough and fizzy. 1. Begin by understanding the hair Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to lose moisture more often. They constantly feel under moisturized and hence most of the time goes into giving and maintaining moisture to the curly hair. On the other hand, and sadly,...

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How much is enough to spend on an engagement ring?

We all get excited to see the engagement ring, be it of our friends, family, or favourite celebrity. Particularly with the latter, we get a glimpse of beautiful designs and staggering gemstones. The price tag for such celebrity rings is far beyond most of our budgets. But the idea that an engagement ring must cost the Earth to be gorgeous and treasured is simply not true. Here to guide you through the variables of an engagement ring’s price tag, and offer advice on your choice, Angelic Diamonds takes a look at how you really pick a stunning engagement ring....

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Everything you need to know about semi-permanent makeup

What is Semi Permanent Make Up? These treatments are an advanced technique for applying natural looking make up and is also known as Micro pigmentation. It is a term used for applying coloured hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and is a form of cosmetic tattooing. How does it work? During the procedure, small amounts of pigment will be implanted into the skin producing make up that can last for years, and after time fades gradually. The pigment is made of natural iron oxide and its enhancements are so natural you would never know that ‘mother...

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