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Facial plethora – symptoms, causes and treatment

Today I am going to discuss in detail a condition called Facial Plethora. If you want to know anything about it from its symptoms and causes to its treatment then you are in the right place. Things which I am going to cover are: What is Facial Plethora? Causes Symptoms of Facial Plethora Treatment Let’s begin! What is Facial Plethora? It is typically the redness of the face brought about by an increase in the level of blood or increase in blood flow. Since the redness is as a result of increase in blood flow and blood volume, Facial...

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6 ways to have perfect bridal shower

A bridal shower is an unforgettable event for any bride. As the maid of honor slash BFF, you need to make it the best! This day is more important for you than anyone else. Also, it is a great way to flaunt the hidden event planning talent. Throwing a bridal shower is a huge responsibility for the maid of honor / best friend of the bride. It is the most important test any best friend goes through in a lifetime for her friend. While attending and executing a bridal shower can be an unforgettable memory, the planning phase can...

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7 amazing gift ideas for your girlfriend who is a constant traveller

Love is a wonderful feeling and it needs to be nurtured with constant love, affection and amazing gifts. If you want to express love towards your beloved girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, offer her an excellent gift item. In case your girlfriend loves travelling a lot, here is the list of amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for girlfriend as mentioned below: A DSLR camera – Every traveller enjoys taking the beautiful photos of the natural surroundings, people and landmarks while on a trip to a place. In order to help your girlfriend cherish her travelling memories for a long time,...

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Owning vs renting a car in NYC

We try to own a vehicle for several diverse reasons and foremost of them all, is the convenience in every which way. But, if you are in New York City, you might as well rent a car instead of buying one because it has too many disadvantages to deal with for a New Yorker. Renting a car on the other hand, in NYC has gone to a very economical cost which enhances other benefits of rental services as well. Following are just a few of the numerous benefits that you can acquire simply by renting a car and not...

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Travel and live like a local

When we travel around on a holiday, we tend to enjoy it visiting the local tourist attractions, accommodating at trusted hotels and eating at recommended restaurants. But most of the times we don’t get those experiences of the city like the locals do. We are tourists or visitors who cannot feel the way a native would. But we shouldn’t avoid trying. If you want to gain experience of any city and learn the likes of the locals then follow the following tips: Research: When you have picked the location that you wish to travel to, make sure you do...

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No. 1 vacation planning concern for americans in 2017

The Travelzoo Spring 2017 Travel Trends Survey released today by global travel deals publisher Travelzoo reveals that U.S. travelers are planning vacations with safety and security in mind. The majority of travelers will vacation closer to home in 2017 and are feeling more anxious about traveling both domestically and abroad under the new Trump administration. Sixty percent (60%) of the U.S. travelers surveyed cited a trip within the U.S. as their primary vacation destination for 2017. Respondents named terrorism, anti-American sentiment and political unrest, along with crime and personal safety, among the top negative factors impacting their booking choices....

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