Author: Andy Macia

5 things I did to lead a fit lifestyle

It feels like every couple of months there’s a whole new dieting and workout craze. I mean sure, a few of them might actually have some merit to them, but they just seem a little too extreme to be able to stick to long-term. Unless you’re an actor, model, athlete, or something else where you literally get paid to be incredibly fit. The rest of us don’t necessarily have a nutritionist, and personal trainer designing diets and workout regimens tailormade to suit us. I mean, if you’re anything like me, you probably have a hard time fitting the transit...

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5 great ideas to seriously improve your employee satisfaction

Have you ever seen an explosive or drug detection dog, a lively English Springer Spaniel, for example, when they’re working? At maybe an airport, perhaps, on your way home from that much-needed vacation? Tail wagging, clearly excited, the euphoria of expectation; in a single word, driven. Wouldn’t you like to see those employees of yours equally driven in the tasks set before them? We’re not talking about a state of euphoria here, and we’re certainly not talking about getting your employees to wag their tails. What we are talking about is that single word – driven. Detection dogs work...

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6 Things You Need To Learn About Forgiveness And Addiction

Learning how to forgive is something we should do regardless our situation. Living life to the fullest is only possible once we have made peace with everything and everyone around us and most importantly, with ourselves. Through our time on earth, we will all be presented with situations where our judgment will be put to the test. Moments where letting all sorts of negative feelings take over our minds can happen in a split second without us even noticing what’s going on. These moments lead to bigger choices, and these choices can be the entry gate to regret or...

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7 Helpful Tips For Staying Sober During Early Sobriety

“I can quit drinking anytime I want – I’ve done it many times.” Sometimes referred to as the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome, some recovering alcoholics state this oft-quoted phrase. But deep down is usually a desire to quit drinking alcohol–once and for all. So how do some people actually quit drinking alcohol and entirely throw off their addiction? The early stages of sobriety often determine whether or not a recovering alcoholic’s pledge will be successful. Here are seven helpful tips to help you stay sober during early sobriety: Avoid people and places that tempt you to drink. This one...

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6 things people in recovery wish you knew

The first time I ever got drunk was when I was 9 years old from an anise-flavoured drink we call Aguardiente. I come from a Colombian-born family who immigrated to Southern California and naturally, Colombians love to party. I was a curious kid and I loved how it made me feel, but things escalated. At age 14 I smoked marijuana, at the age of 19 I tried meth and at the age of 23, I ended up arrested in Idaho on drug charges and was given a two-year sentence. I came from a loving family, my parents worked hard...

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