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Best places in Sydney you need to visit

If you’re planning a trip to the Land Down Under, make sure to include Sydney in your list of places to visit. This beautiful and glorious capital city of New South Wales attracts millions of visitors, and for plenty of compelling reasons. Whether you are travelling solo or with family and friends, you’ll find so many exciting things to do and fascinating spots to experience, you’ll be spoilt for choice. In case you’ll be touring Sydney for a limited amount of time, the best way you can make the most out of your trip is to find an affordable...

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How to plan a trip to India with the online e-visa?

The hassle-free process of getting the Indian tourist visa has turned many eyes towards the subcontinent for easy tourism, easy business, and easy treatments. If you have any of these purposes to come to India, then you would be happy to know that India has announced the visa on arrival system since 2014, and once again the visa on arrival can be availed much ahead of travel through online applying. Yes, you heard it right! Now Indian visa is available online, and hence the door of the country to most global tourists is open through the simple online application...

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Is travelling good for mental health? Read these top 10 tips

Traffic jams, angry bosses, failed promotions, overdue projects and lots and lots of overtime work. Don’t you just wish you can drop everything, go to the nearest airport and pick the first travel destination right off the top of your head? Say, the luxury and glamour of Cannes, or the traditional charm of Japan or what about swimming in beautiful sandy beaches in the Maldives? For someone who’s on the brink of going “cuckoo” with city living, any place would be a perfect place just to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the concrete world. I...

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The most walkable cities in the US

Just as Sydney Carton contemplated his purpose in the universe on his walks through Paris, so too do many people search for new and enigmatic truths in the historical streets of the metropolitans that lie awake at night. But some cities are better for commuters then others. Take Chicago, which is ranked as the worst city for commuters, where the average commute time to work is 32.4 minutes one-way. For most people, public transportation and walking from neighborhood to neighborhood to get to a job is just a staple of life. Of course, the idea of walkable city encompasess...

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A few activities that you cannot miss out on your next trip to the US

The United States of America boasts some of the biggest national parks and most notable splendors of human architecture side by side. There are thousands of things to see and do in the land of opportunity that is almost impossible without making a comprehensive list. Here is a list of the ten things you must do to complete your USA travel experience – Hike in the Grand Canyon, Arizona People from all over the world travel to watch the sunset on the Grand Canyon, but only a few brave souls hike through it. Along with a few days to...

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Strange hotels you never knew existed

Every time you are planning a trip outside the country, after you are done with checking your passport to be valid, your next concern will always be on air tickets and accommodation. Though there is always a myriad of choices when it comes to accommodation, most people will prefer to spend their money on some nice hotels. In most cases you are used to, let’s call them “normal hotels”, where you get a nice place to sleep in and perhaps food as well. However, there are some hotels in the world that will leave your mouth agape, and either...

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