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What you need to know about occupational accident insurance

The basic right of each and every one of us is the right to security and protection. When this protection is guaranteed, only then can we thrive and strive in our lives for a better future. This protection has to be provided to us by so many ways and at so many levels. To cater to some specific needs and to provide us this guarantee that we will be taken cared for and protected, this responsibility comes after God, State and our parents onto the insurance companies who are there to help us in our hard times or to...

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label rings in lunar new year with limited edition Year of the Dog bottle

Johnnie Walker released the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Dog limited-edition bottle in celebration of the Lunar New Year. As part of the brand’s Pioneering Spirit Series, Johnnie Walker continued to pay homage to the traditions of Asian culture and lasting heritage of the Chinese Zodiac. This annual limited-edition series, now in its fifth installment, honors each Lunar New Year with a commemorative bottle inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. The 2018 bottle artwork, created in collaboration with multi-award winning Taiwanese artise Page Tsou, follows the Johnnie Walker Striding Man as he celebrates the Lunar New Year alongside...

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How to prepare your home before moving

The most lengthy, treacherous and tiring tasks of the world are packing, moving and shifting. While professional movers are easily available in the market and thinking of them doing the heavy job makes these tasks a little less daunting, you still have to make sure the things are ready for their arrival as packing is still a task that you have to finish on your own. Here are few tips for you to accomplish that task without a drag. Begin With De-cluttering The first thing you must do, before the movers are hired, is to de-clutter the house and...

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A beginner’s guide to self-storage

If you haven’t heard about self storage, then it is clear that you have never been shifting around nor have you found any clutter or an overcrowded non-seasonal clothes and things in your home, which to be honest will happen eventually because every now or then we come across a phase in our life when we either have to relocate or shift to some other place with our family or for work. In that scenario, you can’t take the responsibility or the risk of moving the entire house to a new place, so you end up hiring self storage....

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Scientists map the genetic code of… peanut

An international group of agricultural scientists have mapped the genetic code of peanut, the culmination of a five-year research project giving scientists around the world a map with which to unlock some of the genetic potential of the peanut plant. The data will be openly available to all scientists. This discovery by the Peanut Genome Consortium, a group of scientists from the United States, China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India, Israel and several countries in Africa, gives scientists the capability to find beneficial genes in cultivated and wild peanuts that can lead to greater yields, lower production costs, lower...

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6 things to do when fired from a job

The most stressful time of one’s career is when he gets fired from a company; people often go in deep depression or cause a bigger mess when they are leaving. To prevent such a scenario or worse, we have a few tips regarding the things you should do when you get fired from your job; we hope that this will guide you on how to professionally handle this set back of your career. Swallow Your Pride When you get fired or hear the news, your first instinct is to respond back and clear to everyone who would listen that...

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