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Scientists map the genetic code of… peanut

An international group of agricultural scientists have mapped the genetic code of peanut, the culmination of a five-year research project giving scientists around the world a map with which to unlock some of the genetic potential of the peanut plant. The data will be openly available to all scientists. This discovery by the Peanut Genome Consortium, a group of scientists from the United States, China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India, Israel and several countries in Africa, gives scientists the capability to find beneficial genes in cultivated and wild peanuts that can lead to greater yields, lower production costs, lower...

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6 things to do when fired from a job

The most stressful time of one’s career is when he gets fired from a company; people often go in deep depression or cause a bigger mess when they are leaving. To prevent such a scenario or worse, we have a few tips regarding the things you should do when you get fired from your job; we hope that this will guide you on how to professionally handle this set back of your career. Swallow Your Pride When you get fired or hear the news, your first instinct is to respond back and clear to everyone who would listen that...

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Keep holidays safe and festive for your pets

The end of the year marks many festive holiday gatherings for families around the world with rich foods, colorful decorations and wrapped gifts. We remind everyone to remember their pets over the holidays and keep them safe from holiday hazards. Here are a few other holiday tips from Petland to make the holidays more enjoyable for families and their pets, especially those living in geographical locations where cold weather is an added concern: No rich foods: Refrain from feeding your pet holiday table scraps. Your pet’s digestive system is not receptive to rich people foods. Also make sure to...

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Best weight lifting wrist straps

Everyone who thinks that hitting gym or lifting weights will somehow magically transform their body, are mistaken. To score fitness goals, you need to follow a set pattern or else, going to gym whenever you have time or charging your body with the same number of scales will not help at all. One needs to maintain a proper rhythm to achieve goals, for this, he/ she can use various exercising tools. We would like to suggest a very useful tool for your convenience. People often opt for the cheating tactics for acquiring goals quickly, like pills, chemicals, body enhancer...

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Best workout leggings with pockets for women

You cannot go to a wedding wearing jeans and a casual top or to a funeral wearing a posh party gown because every occasion, activity and place demands a proper attire. Just like that, workout and exercise demands a proper dress up too. You can’t expect to make quick movements in the baggy bottoms. Hence, it is a must to wear a proper costume for your exercise session which is also recommended by the trainers for your better agility and mobility. The piece of clothing that matters the most in exercising is not your top. You can wear anything...

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Why gardening is good for your health

Here at Life Is An Episode we are always doing our best to bring you the most interesting information. We teamed up with the guys at who have collated some interesting facts and research on the health benefits of gardening. The benefits of gardening are seemingly endless, both mentally and physically. Not only can planting bulbs, digging trenches and pruning roses vastly improve your physical health, but it can also improve mental health too. A recent study conducted by Bakker Spalding has found that 88% of people find that mental wellbeing is a key benefit for spending time...

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