Author: Aida Simmons

Remodeling your home for elderly convenience

Home is where the heart is; and if your home starts to look like a shack where hobos go to shoot-up some meth, then it’s probably time to consider refashioning the place. However, what’s more important is to take into account the special needs of the individuals living under your roof. All things age; that’s just a universal truth but nothing hits harder than seeing our loved ones, our parents, age and become dependent on us. It is incumbent upon us to provide them with the same ease and convenience that they worked so hard to provide us with...

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Sleep deprivation

In medical circles, the concept of sleep still remains one of the most elusive and least understood topics, which is ironic because at least one third of our lives are spent in this state. Today we are going to break down the concept and have a scrutinizing look at some of the chemical and biological reasons as to why sleep is so important in our lives and the reasons for sleep deprivation, along with the inevitable consequences of such. CAUSES Sleep deprivation basically refers to a state in which an individual does not get an adequate amount of sleep....

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How to stop thinking about someone

How familiar are you with those moments when you can’t: stop thinking about someone you like stop thinking about your ex with someone else stop thinking about someone you love stop thinking too much about someone stop thinking about someone you can’t have stop thinking about someone you hate stop thinking about someone who doesn’t like you stop thinking about someone who hurt you stop thinking about someone who broke your heart   Well, people say, life doesn’t stop for anyone and it has a continuous cycle that never pauses for anyone or anything. Still, sometimes in our lives...

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Sleep supplements – are they good for you?

Sleep is perhaps one of the greatest blessings of God upon mankind. If we recount the basic needs of the human body and mind, sleep would certainly take one of the top spots. It is impossible to live without it. You can only get so far on coffee and cigarettes before your brain gives up and you hit the pavement; either dead or asleep. To some ambitious folks, the concept of sleep is particularly irksome. Why must we whirl away half of our life in such a practically useless state, when instead we could be using that time for...

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Why you should hire a wedding planner

Sealing the deal is a huge step. And it’s made even more huge by our desire to conform to society’s insane standards. If it’s your first time, you’re probably convinced it’s your last time too and you want to make it count. Big, lavish weddings have become a norm for nearly every class of society, even the ones that can barely afford to keep themselves afloat in normal everyday life. However, planning a big wedding is no cakewalk; there are thousand variables involved and the most minor issue can create potential chaos. So, if you’re planning such a wedding,...

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Habits that benefit the environment

As human beings that rely on the resources of this planet to survive and thrive, it is our duty to, at least, take care of our environment. For generations, we have been becoming increasingly negligent and altogether selfish. Perhaps it’s time to change that. We are not talking about going out and planting forests; the little things count as much as the big things when it comes down to it. As an individual, one of the easiest things you can do to help your environment is adopting certain habits inside and outside your home that will be beneficial for...

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