The saying is true that money can’t buy everything, but it is incredibly easy to head out to the nearest shopping center and find a lavish gift to spend it on. That being said, memories are things that are priceless and can also be gifts that generate happy feelings for years to come. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for gifts that will do just that.


If your significant other is a fan of art, why not get them an incredible oil painting? You might find one by an artist they adore or even commission one for them. Every single time they look at it, they’ll think of you and remember how much you care for them.

As far as commissioning one goes, one time I asked an artist if he could paint my photo. It turned out great and is one of my husband’s favorite paintings.

On the other hand, maybe your special someone has a picture that they’re especially fond of. You can always find an artist who will have the ability to recreate it in a painting. You can then tell your honey that you have something to tell them and knock their socks off with a gorgeous recreation of that picture.

Photo Clocks

You might go another way with the picture idea too. How about a photo clock? They can use this as a home decoration that will always make them think of you. You can be a bit creative with a photo clock. You might start by putting your first picture taken with the 2 of you at the 12 o’clock position and then put later and later pictures at each hour till 11 o’clock has the latest picture with the two of you. This is an interesting way to show how your bond with this person has only become stronger with the passing of time and that it will continue to get stronger as time goes by.

Custom Comic Book

Not only will designing a custom comic book be a fantastic gift idea but it’s also a great way to tell that special someone how much they mean to you. You might use software available online to do this, or if you’re gifted when it comes to drawing, you might sketch it by hand. You can use that special someone and yourself and relive some of your happier moments through the small conversational blurbs just like in mainstream comics. This is a gift that’s a surefire way to bring a smile to your friend’s face and one that they can look back on for many years.

Picture Pillow

Does the idea of a customized picture pillow give you a bit of comfort? You might have a special message or even a picture collage designed on the pillow. Who knows? With a gift like this, they might even dream of you when they use it!

It doesn’t matter what gift you get for that special someone, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be a spectacular work of art or a design that appears professional. It’s all about the emotions and thoughts they evoke in the recipient.