Never to shy from technological developments, the gaming industry has always been had a synergetic association with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and serving as a testing ground for constructed environments and simulations, the gaming arena has been a significant contributor in the evolvement of the virtual gaming experience. Owing to an abundance of opportunities that AI offers different businesses, here’s how it is shaping up the gaming business.


The entertainment business has always welcomed emerging technologies and in that respect, the wagering industry, more specifically has been in the lead. With a heavy investment in this field, gaming organizations have been focused on improving player experience, and to that effect AI has helped streamline the data processing.

Realistic Gaming

With the entire experience bordering on quality, AI is the key to providing the end user with a realistic gaming experience. With a basic objective of designing robust gaming systems that understand noise, speech and other sounds in a game and modify the game accordingly, some modern techniques like reinforcement learning and pattern recognition are also required. Games like THE SIMS and F.E.A.R are indications of this step. There are dime a dozen techniques being applied to development of games with the predominant focus being on attaining realism in an artificial environment and promote additional and genuine interaction between the game and its players.

Smart Data

Artificial Intelligence can collect smart data about the gamers by way their play time, their individual spends and their reactions, subsequent to which the system presents a selection of games best suited for an individual gamer at a particular moment. This is what’s called the customized gaming experience which comes with its own assortment of special offers and advertisements as well.

AI and IoT: Benefits in Gaming Business

IoT makes smartphones, wearable devices, and sensors accepted by other devices to the internet during the process of data processing and collection and when the system completes the data study, that’s Artificial Intelligence. The combination of AI and IoT leads to AIoT where connected devices analyse data and process it without human involvement. For instance, in the virtual sports arena, AIoT has helped gaming companies craft customized platforms which are compatible with a variety of electronic devices and apps, thereby influencing the effectiveness and efficiency of the gaming platforms. A classic example of this is Bodog Canada, a popular online sportsbook that offers a wide range of betting options including on sports, casino games, poker, horse races and more. Furthermore, their customer service is world-class to say the least.

Aiming for the Youth

AI is the reason why most millennials may end up getting attracted to online gaming. For instance, the current age ratio fluctuates between 35-65 years, but with AI influenced Virtual Reality, companies can move players digitally with infinite possibilities and cash in on the emerging market. With most youngsters being more tech savvy, their inclination towards mobile/online gaming is far greater than real-life games or PC-gaming.


The market worth of the gaming business is worth over $100 billion and is amongst the most profitable businesses in the current times. As it continue to grow, the demand for games and the gaming community continue to evolve as well. AI has a significant role to play in making the games more immersive, intelligent and interactive and although, it is a bit difficult to predict the future of AI owing to its nascent operations, it surely is an influencer that is bound to make online gaming a personalized experience with all the associated perks and protect the gamer’s interests at the same time.