Intact is the aim of Apple to change the horizons of technology and keep improving and enhancing its own gadgets and devices. Be it its processor, its functions, apps, hardware or its inbuilt chips. Previously, being the colossal technology enhancer and builder, Apple was trying to fuse its own differently paired and manufactured models. Then in 2011, Apple launched Siri which worked as an intelligent personal assistant. This program was integrated in iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS operating systems. It followed certain commands, could make suggestion and answer to your queries, using artificial intelligence. This program then helped the Apple users with user friendly voice commands.

Observing the performance of user friendly Siri, Apple is now working to get the iPhone and other of its major gadgets to integrate the program of artificial intelligence in their processors through a chip.

This AI chip will enhance the way these gadgets work and will help users in various tasks not only through voice recognition but also through facial reading and will intelligently handle the amplified reality tasks all by itself without having the user to bank on the computers himself.

It is also being reported via various sources that Apple is also focusing on this AI chip under the major goals of ‘self-driving cars’ internally known as Apple Neural Engine. Using Artificial Intelligence Apple aims to improve the speed, battery life, performance and routine of its devices and the way tasks are done and monitored. In the same category, Apple may also allow the usage of this chip to power its other assortment of apps and features.

The competition only gets exhilarating when you have also built something strong enough and of the same stature as your competitors. Apple is not far behind in the race but want to launch something valid to grasp away the center light altogether, back from the Google, Microsoft and Amazon in the category of artificial intelligence.

With this obvious competition, Apple is rapidly advancing towards its testing phase in its gadgets. The prototype of this Artificial Intelligence chip has already made its way into the iPhone testing but still it’s hard to predict whether the new series will be implanted with the chip or not.

Apple Inc keeps its users curious and entertained with new advanced apps and features. It has also marveled its clients by introducing the chip for motion (M-series) and a chip for AirPods in iPhones. Now, to create a balance division between the mobile processor generation for tasking with computerized intensive vision and graphical chips with this AI chip, is the focus of Apple.