The antisocial behavior orders (ASBOs) are issued by the police in UK for persons who have been caught with criminal wrongdoings which are against the law. In other words, such behaviors are penalized by the UK authorities, particularly the Court of Law, with the help of the police. In such cases, persons who have received ASBOs should ask for immediate legal advice from experienced criminal lawyers in London who can manage such situations from a legal point of view.

Details about ASBOs in UK

Unwanted misconducts are part of the daily life in UK, but the authorities are aware of the phenomenon and act in accordance. An aggressive behavior against others, minors caught drinking on the streets, smoking under the permitted age, a racial behavior, playing loud music, or damaging properties or vehicles are offences for which the caught individuals can receive ASBOs in UK. Usually, the Court of Law in UK deal with the criminal records of persons accused of the above-mentioned wrongdoings. In this sense, an ASBO can be issued by the authorities in charge, but it is suggested to ask for the legal services of a solicitor in UK, in order to know the rights and further defence in such situation.

The purpose of an ASBO in UK

The antisocial behavior order in UK represents a restriction for persons who acted in an inappropriate manner in the public or at home. The main target of an ASBO in UK is to make the person aware of the unusual misconduct and to avoid such behavior in the future. In this sense, the individual must respect the rules imposed by an ASBO, like fixing the caused damages, staying away from problematic places and improving the conduct as soon as possible. An ASBO in UK is imposed for three months if the person is under 18 years of age, but if rules are not respected, the individual can face imprisonment for up to two years in UK.

Solicit legal support if you have received an ASBO in UK

Dangerous driving, exhibition, peace disturbing, drunken behavior, rudeness, and vandalism are among the offences for which the individuals in UK can receive ASBOs. It is strongly recommended to know your rights in this situation, especially if you have been arrested and kept in police custody. A criminal lawyer in London can offer the needed legal support for all persons who have received or are about to receive an antisocial behavior order in UK. The legal defence comprises a complete analysis of the situation, the circumstances in which the accused person has been found, and a comprehensive legal support in front of the authorities who can issue such restrictions. If the evidence cannot sustain the case, then the accusations can be dropped, and no ASBO will be imposed. We highlight the fact that a correct and complete defence will lead to a positive result in any case.