Do you know what the difference is between a house and a home? The warmth and the care that go behind making a home is what makes it so very close to our hearts. Indeed, a home is where your heart finds comfort. And what can make a home more alluring than flowers with their swanky colours and lush fragrance!

Although many traditional home decorating ideas might become obsolete, floral embellishment will never lose its charm because it’s like putting a little bit of nature inside your very room. After all, who doesn’t like to be greeted with the smell of fresh rose after waking up in the morning or coming back from work!

There are several ways to decorate your home with flowers. Depending on your aesthetic sensibility, different styles and types of flowers appeal to you. While some of us go for traditional decorations, others might prefer being creative with their design. Keeping that in mind, we have chosen the seven most unique floral decoration styles that will suit everyone:


Flower vase is the most common yet by no means outdated way of floral decking. You can choose different sizes of vases depending on where you place them. Why not keep a large vase full of flowers and foliage just beside your staircase and the small ones with tulips in your guest room? A really warm way to greet your guest, don’t you think?

Make a flower chain

Making a flower chain with garlands is quite a famous practice in South-Asian culture. Although they mainly use it for auspicious occasions, you can make it a part of home décor. Pick up your favourite flowers and tie them together to make a chain of flowers. You can create separate chains with contrasting colours for a plush and elegant look.

Floral chandelier

You can make a floral chandelier at home without much hassle. Tie the flowers’ stems with a chandelier and hang them upside down. Not only does this look beautiful, but it also permeates a large room with rich fragrance.

Glass bottles as a DIY vase

If you have old glass bottles or even wine bottles, perhaps, why not use them as a DIY vase: To do that, follow these simple points:

  1. Soak the bottle in warm soapy water to peel off the labels
  2. Fill them in half with water
  3. Place long sticks of flowers and hang them from your ceiling

Make a flower shelf

Often we throw away flowers with wilted petals. Why not make use of them too? Put them in a beaker and fill them with water. For a better fragrance, you can add a small amount of fragrant oil too. Finally, place the bowl on a crate and keep it on your bookshelf.

Floral frame

Most of the time, we throw away withered flowers. But there are special moments like a wedding when you want to preserve these flowers. An excellent way to do this is to dry them first and then press them. You can make beautiful frames with colourful flowers inside them. Like a photo frame, this will also evoke the memory of a beautiful day.

Teapots as a vase

Teapots as a flower vase? Yes, you read that right. Old teapots are great home-décor items in themselves. You can spruce it up by putting flowers inside them. Moreover, you can also buy antique ceramic pots specifically for this purpose. Not only pots but dishes and cups too can be decked with flowers or small flowery plants.


Want to get a charming fragrance in your bedroom? Use this French marvel to infuse your bedroom with the delicate smell of flowers. Peel off the petals of different flowers and keep them in a pot. Add nuts and lavender oil and leave it open. Change flowers every week or so to keep them fresh and lively.

Keeping flowers in your room will not only elevate your mood but also keep you healthy with an adequate oxygen supply in your apartment. While this list is by no means definitive, we can assure you that your home will look much better if you apply them. Don’t hesitate to be creative while decorating. Be bold with colours and try new ideas. Cheerio!