Are you a zombie in the morning without your coffee? If you are nodding yes to this question with a sly smile, welcome fellow coffee enthusiasts. Coffee is a necessary evil in our life. Without it, waking up and feeling energetic enough for daily hustle-bustle can be quite impossible for several people. For a perfect cup of java in the morning, you need to brew it to perfection.

A few years back, brewing a coffee wasn’t that confusing. It was either an espresso or Americano or the usual cappuccino. But today, the coffee-brewing options have increased. There are pods machines, drip coffee, French press brew, and more. All of them can brew a delicious cup of coffee. So, which method should you use to brew your coffee? Well, it depends on tons of factors, mainly your taste. Also, it is necessary to know about all brewing methods to determine which one is best for you.

Here are four amazing methods to brew coffee.

1. Brewing coffee using a pod machine

The use of coffee pods to brew coffee is increasing day by day. Not only at home, but even the demand for pod coffee is increasing in cafes. It is a quick brewing method, and the best Nespresso compatible pods are biodegradable as well.

Brewing time: 3 minutes


  • Warm-up your single-serve coffee machine. Let the water drain out for a better brew.
  • Pop up a pod. You can use flavored pods as well. Make sure that the pod fits well in the machine.
  • Switch on the machine and choose whether you want the brew to be light, medium, or strong.
  • After three minutes, a perfect cup of coffee will be waiting for you.

Why coffee pods method?

  • It is convenient to make as it is quick and doesn’t require you to possess any coffee-making skills.
  • Pods are biodegradable, or you can reuse them.
  • Minimum waste and cleaning required.
  • You can use pods to make coffee on the go as well.

2. French Press

A brewing process for quick and flavorful coffee is French Press. It is quite rich as well. Another name for this is plunger coffee, and it is quite famous all over the world.

Brewing time: 4 minutes


  • Preheat the French Press and measure the ground coffee you need to make a cup or two.
  • Weight and boil water between 195-205°C.
  • Add hot water and ground coffee to the French Press. Put the lid on.
  • Press the plunger. Decant for a while and enjoy.
  • It is best for medium to dark roast coffee.

Why the French Press method?

  • No filters, no waste.
  • Best for making a large quantity of coffee.

3. Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is one of the hottest coffee trends as of now. The coffee steeping for hours provides a chilled and less acidic coffee full of rich flavor.

Brewing time: 12-48 hours


  • Ground the whole coffee beans coarsely. Add water to it.
  • Let it steep for 12 to 48 hours.
  • It will let the coffee infuse with water well to provide you with a concentrated and chilled brew.
  • Strain it and enjoy a cold brew at home.

Note: Making cold brew in French Press is possible.

Why the cold brew method?

  • A perfect blend that you can use in various recipe
  • Less acidic
  • A perfect drink for summers

4. AeroPress

AeroPress is a plastic coffee maker with three parts. It is compact and is best for brewing all types of coffee.

Brewing time: 4 minutes


  • Grind coffee beans finely. Use around 15 oz of coffee for one person or more if you prefer strong coffee.
  • In the removable plastic cup, insert the filter paper.
  • Wet the paper filters a bit.
  • Assemble the machine ensuring that is fully dry.
  • Put it on the scale and then add the coffee.
  • Switch on the machine.

Why AeroPress?

  • It is easy to travel with.
  • You can make espresso with it as well.

Wrapping up, here are four popular brewing methods for you to try. All of these methods ensure that you can brew well-balanced and pleasant coffee in the comfort of your home. Do you have any favorite brewing methods? Do let us know in the comments below.