Typically, fashion designers create different styles that go on to become major trends. In the meantime, there were many urban outfit ideas that were formed on the street. During the last century, urban style was only synonymous with and was identified as street fashion style. However, keeping up with modern times and tastes, urban styles now include styles that range from street fashion style to urban chic fashion style. With urban fashion being such an interesting and exciting mix of styles, here are some amazing urban outfit ideas that are bound to suit every girl’s taste.

Romantic Crop Top & Ripped Denim

Keeping with the original urban style, ripped denim is still synonymous with street fashion style. Extremely versatile, ripped denim can be worn with almost any kind of outfit. Available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, ripped denim can be worn in the form of jeans, jackets, tops and skirts.

Match a ripped denim shorts with a ruffled crop top and a pair of platform wedges for a cute and tough look. Another great look is a ripped denim crop top with skinny jeans and colorful sneakers. You can also try the denim-on-denim look by sporting ripped denim jeans with a simple tee, ripped denim jacket and a pair of converse sneakers for an original street style look.

Pleated Skirt For A Busy Workday

Infusing a flirty and fun feel, pleated skirts are great for those who are looking for a unique way to stand out. Great for the office and for the evening, pleated skirts tone down any tough look while dressing it up. Go for a pink pleated skirt and wear it with a crocheted lace crop top and a bomber jacket. You can also try a metallic pleated skirt with a luxe tank top. Wear it with a pair of cropped boots or heeled oxfords to complete the look.

Cozy & Casual Slacks

Great for business casual outfits, slacks are very comfortable to wear, adding a huge dose of sophisticated style to any outfit. There are many prints and colors to choose, ranging from solid colors to colorful stripes. Try out solid-colored slacks and wear it with a matching loose-fitting satin top. Pair it with heeled work boots or pencil heels for a great look. You can also choose a pair of colorfully stripped slacks and wear it with a loose-fitting crop top. Complete the look with a pair of stilettos or heeled wedges.

Sensuality Of Your Velvet Dress

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, velvet adds a touch of luxe and sophistication to any outfit. Velvet is great for those looking to dress up any kind of ordinary outfit. You can infuse velvet into garments such as a top, skirt, pants or a coat. Velvet little black dress would be a perfect choice for a dinner with your friends. Match it with platform wedges or pencil heels, and add a nice pair of long earrings to complete the look.

A Chic Miniskirt

Miniskirts offer loads of style and can be personalized according to style, place and occasion. Available in a variety of colors, styles and patterns, miniskirts add a chic and cute feel to any outfit. Try out a ruffled floral miniskirt with a simple tee and a fitted jacket. Wear it with a pair of platform shoes or heeled wedges for a cute and coordinated look. You can also wear a suede miniskirt with a halter neck crop top and a matching suede jacket. To complete the look, wear it with a pair of ankle boots or heeled mules.

Stand Out with Bold Prints

Bold prints are a great way to stand out of the crowd. However, moderation is key as going overboard with bold prints can ruin the look. You can add bold prints to your outfit through a top, skirt, coat or a pair of pants. Go for a bold leopard printed blouse that is loose-fitting and wear it with pixie pants or pegged pants. Match the look with a pair of stilettos or heeled espadrilles.

Asymmetric Pieces of Clothing

Adding a different dimension to an outfit, asymmetric skirts help play with proportions to accentuate and flatter the silhouette. Available in many different fabrics, hemlines, colors and patterns, asymmetric skirts can be paired with many kinds of fashionable pieces. For a great business casual look, go for a stripped asymmetric skirt and wear it with a loose-fitting luxe tank top. Match it with a pair of pumps, cut-out heels or peep-toe heels for a sophisticated look.

The Elegance Of A Jumpsuit

A great alternative to dresses, jumpsuits can be worn anywhere from the workplace, for an evening or a fancy event. Helping you stand out, jumpsuits are available in many fabrics, styles, patterns and colors. Check out a full-sleeved jumpsuit with a plunging neckline for a fancy event. You can also go for a luxe jumpsuit with a crossed back and wear it with a simple tee to let the jumpsuit shine out. Match it with a pair of chunky heels or cone heels for a great look.

Urban Wrap Dress Style

Available in a wide variety of styles and lengths, wrap dresses are extremely versatile and can fit any look. Stores looking to offer their customers the best urban outfits should get wholesale clothing, as there are usually many wrap dresses in their online catalogues and the quality is great while being quite affordable.

Go for a knee-length floral wrap dress with no sleeves. Couple it with spool heels or corseted heels for a great look. You can also wear a high-low satin wrap dress and match it with open-toed pumps or kitten heels. Another outfit you could wear is a knee-length plaid wrap dress with full sleeves. Jazz this outfit with a pair of sequined stilettos or heeled oxfords for a finished look.

Simple Sweater

More often than not, sweaters help in completing a look. With a wide range of sweaters to choose from, you can easily style sweaters to suit the mood, occasion and style of any outfit. For a street chic look, go for a fitted tank top, skinny jeans and a turtleneck sweater. Complete the look with a pair of heeled sandals or ankle boots. For a street fashion look, go for a fitted tee, leggings and a sweater dress. Wear it with a pair of leather knee-length boots or chunky heels.

Urban styles encompass fashion styles that many of us would like to wear. With a wide range of styles under the umbrella term “urban fashion”, it can be tough to figure out the different kinds of clothing that constitute urban fashion style. On the flip side, it gives us a lot of room to experiment. With the above urban outfit ideas acting as a starter guide, grow your own personal style into an urban style!