Last year we had fewer opportunities to dress up with fancy dresses, high heels and party attire. Along with these, stylish handbags have been neglected too. As you don’t have chances to visit many places you’ve probably opted to carry your most practical bag when you needed one. You may have even gоtten comfortable with backpacks and totally casual bags. But the weather is getting warmer, restrictions are loosening and we have more opportunities to go out and have some fun.

Luckily for us, there are some amazing new trends for handbags that developed during 2021. With these interesting times that we live in, people are getting more creative, designers are experimenting and the fashion industry is becoming more and more amazing. Buying new, fashionable accessories is always a good idea.

In this article, you will discover 8 amazing new 2021 trends for handbags and maybe get inspired to buy a new piece for yourself!

Chunky handbag chain

black chunky handbag chain
We have seen chunky handbag chains making appearances since 2019 but in 2021 we started seeing extra-large links designed not only for bag straps but on shoes and jewellery accessories too. These types of bags are elegant and feminine despite the heavy hardware. Many girls choose this accessory to finish their street style outfit. There is a wide range of options for chunky handbag chains – from heavy metal hardware to artistic, acrylic links. There is an option for everyone no matter their style.

The Tote Bag

beige tote bag
Tote bags are perfect for those days when you have to carry a few extra items, your laptop or your office shoes. Usually, they are square or rectangular in shape which is very practical on your busy days. A leather tote bag is perfect for the office. You can look really elegant and stylish and at the same time have that little extra space to fit your lunch box. Atp Atelier has some amazing models that are just perfect for both for wearing on your arm or cross-body. They have both mini and normal sizes for every occasion. When you buy a leather tote bag bear in mind that the material is sensitive to scratches.

Curved handbag

grey curved handbag
This season the curved, soft, slouchy, handbag got its place in the trends. We noticed many celebrities catching this trend and wearing different types of curved handbags with their outfits. They may look small but you can fit your most important items in these handbags like phone, wallet, keys, makeup etc.

On-Point Totes

Basic square tots look good and are practical but this season another model got really trendy too. Despite that, they are sleek, sharp and still practical and comfortable to wear. If you buy such a handbag you will stand out from the crowd for sure. Be brave and try combining it with different styles and your favourite clothes! You will be surprised how well it will suit you!

Phone holder handbags

In 2021 there are so many apps that you can use in your everyday life that make it possible to leave the house only with your phone. Sometimes we go out for a quick walk or a visit to the supermarket. This year designers started making fashionable phone case handbags. These are handbags specially made for your phone. You can choose between crossbody or shorter types and they are convenient for a short walk outside because they are light and comfortable.

Shoulder Pads

The past year everyone got used to comfort on so many levels. That includes not only our clothes but accessories too. In 2021 shoulder bags come in different styles. From really supple to scrunched, puffed, or padded leathers. The shoulder pads are a great option for comfort and minimalism for your next spring walk.

Bright coloured handbags

We notice that in 2021 bright colour handbags are a hit. You can choose your favourite size, shape, material and type and buy a bright coloured bag. This way you will definitely be trendy and artistic. Also, bright colours are the perfect option for warm sunny days. Yellow, orange, green, just pick one and shine!

Coral handbags

This season we definitely notice the colour coral being used in many designers’ outfits. Handbags didn’t skip this trend and there are a variety of models you can choose from in coral colour. It is artistic, trendy and fashionable.

Most of us didn’t get a chance to show off our outfits last year. Everyone was stuck at home and couldn’t really go anywhere. However, with things slowly returning back to normal, the fashion industry is ready to come back bigger and better than ever. Follow our guide and choose the best bag that will suit your style and be ready for the new fashion season!