When it comes to maintenance, home DIY and household tasks, do you consider yourself pretty hopeless? If you need some help tidying up the garden – you call in a local gardener. You want to replace a light fitting – you get in touch with the local electrician. Your car is making a strange noise – you call your dad…

While there’s nothing wrong with calling in the experts, there’s a lot of time and money to be saved if you learn how to fix and take care of these things by yourself. Here we’ll explore some amazing DIY tasks you can complete to save yourself time and money.

Your electrical appliances

Your fridge has started making bizarre noises, so you assume it’s time for a new one. Fridges and other electrical appliances are incredibly expensive to replace, and not everyone has the budget to splash out on a new unit whenever they need to. Some simple research or a chat with a repairperson will help you understand what the problem might be, and once you know the work that needs to be done, why not find the parts to fix it yourself? It’ll save you time waiting for an engineer to call round at your home, and you’ll save plenty of money if you source the parts and then install them all by yourself.

That leaky tap

That drip, drip, drip of a leaking tap isn’t just annoying and driving you round the bend. It’s also responsible for the acute rise in your water bill, and any waste of water is considered bad for the environment, no matter how small. If your tap is dripping, it’s usually a sign that the rubber washer needs replacing. It’s a super straightforward DIY job, that you don’t need to call in an expensive plumber for. Just ensure you have the right tools and turn off your water at the stop cock first!

Painting and decorating

There’s no quicker way to refresh the rooms of your home than with a quick lick of paint. Or maybe you want to transform your living spaces with a bold new look and interior style. Whatever your choices, you don’t have to reach out to a painter and decorator to get the look you have in mind. Painting and decorating takes time and dedication, but it’s incredibly satisfying to do it all by yourself. Ensure you have all the right equipment before you begin and check out some online tutorials for painting around those trickier areas and for some wallpapering tips.

And finally, anything that requires a drill

If something goes wrong when you have a drill in your hand, it can create all kinds of issues. However, getting to grips with power tools, taking your time and not taking on more than you can handle will ensure you get things right – the first time. Using a drill and being confident with power tools means putting up blinds, curtain poles, pictures, and shelves can be done within an hour.