The season of travel, trips, and getaways is officially here. One of the best things about summers is that allows you a lot of freedom to change. Be it a change of fashion and look, a change of mood and environment and a change of pace and routine.

While many people prefer longer travel plans, there are people who don’t get the luxury of time and resources to go for a full-fledged holiday. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a break. Short getaways and camping trips are the perfect way to find some much-needed retreat from your hectic and robotic life without violating your time and budget constraints.

You can choose to drive to a beautiful lakeside, a desert, a forest or mountains or even to a beach to camp for a few days. However, camping is not like your regular trips and therefore you need to plan it smartly to avoid any mishaps or discomfort on your trip. Follow this guide to know exactly what you should pack for your camping trip.


Although the basic idea of camping is to feel closer to nature, you still need some sort of shelter to keep you safe and comfortable. It’s no brainer that a camp will be the most basic essential on a camping trip. Invest in a good quality camp with added safety features such as water resistance and fire resistance. If you are traveling in a large group or as a family, make sure you take the camps in an appropriate quantity and of appropriate size.


One of the biggest blunders that newbie campers make is that while they pack their camps, they overlook the need to pack the tools needed to set up the camp. Usually, camping sites are deserted places where little or no commercial activity exists. You should not expect to find a store at your camping site to be able to buy the tools. Make sure you pack a toolkit before leaving.

Sleeping Bags

Even if you have the best quality tent, it is not very comfortable to sleep on the hard floor. A soft comfortable sleeping bag is a must so that you have a good night’s sleep without any discomfort. Make sure you have enough sleeping bags for all the people on the trip. They are usually not roomy enough to be shared by two persons.


No trip is complete without good food and that applies to camp as well. Most people will suggest you take instant and ready-to-eat canned foods, but that would be nowhere close to a delicious freshly cooked meal. If you can invest in good camping cookware, such as portable induction plates, you can treat yourself with the freshly cooked meals anytime anywhere. For your ease, you can prep up certain ingredients, such as boiling the chicken and pack it from home but cook a proper meal at the site and savor it piping hot.