Maintaining your home heating system regularly can help keep your furnace and system in good working order, whilst saving you on home energy costs. Don’t scrimp on routine heating maintenance, or you could end up with a large repair bill later by taking heating maintenance services.

Your heating system can be checked and kept in good working order with a little bit of care and knowledge. When it comes to taking care of the little things, you don’t have to be a professional.

Here are six essential tips for keeping your home heating system in good working order:

1. Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Working Properly

Checking your thermostat is a good way to determine whether or not things are functioning properly. It’s one of the most straightforward methods of performing your heating system maintenance.

  • Increase your home’s temperature twice a year, in the spring and the fall. You should be able to hear the furnace turn on.
  • Allow the furnace to run for a short period. As long as it runs, your system is in good working order.
  • When checking your thermostat, ensure it is set to the appropriate temperature setting. Check to see if it’s in the cool or heat mode. A properly set thermostat is also more energy-efficient, which means you will save money.

2. Inspect And Replace Any Filters That Are Damaged

  • Check the filters regularly. This is a straightforward and effective task for heating system maintenance.
  • Once a month, you should inspect your air filters. Every three months, you should replace them.
  • Keep in mind that if you have an oil-fired furnace or boiler, you should change the oil filter once a year.
  • The replacement of air filters helps improve the air quality in your house. Additionally, it increases the efficiency of your heating system. And finally, there’s a good chance that keeping your heating system’s air filter clean will prevent some more serious problems down the road.

3. Check And Adjust The Heat Pump

This is not a part of heating system maintenance that you should attempt to complete on your own. But it is an important task that you must complete regularly. Schedule a tune-up for your heat pump twice a year.

You should perform your tune-ups before the weather becomes too cold or too hot, respectively. You want to make sure you catch any problems early on before the heat pump has to work harder to compensate.

Maintaining your heat pump in good working order will ensure that it does not suffer from excessive wear and tear over time. Consequently, you will have a highly efficient heat pump. You’ll also prevent the heating system from developing more serious problems.

4. Maintain The Cleanliness of Your Outside Unit

When performing heating maintenance at home, don’t forget to check the outside unit.

In the fall, keep an eye out for fallen leaves that may be obstructing the fan on the unit. Remove any leaves or other debris from the area around the fan to ensure that it operates properly. During the winter, clear away any snow accumulated around the outdoor unit.

5. Keep The Internal Vents Clean

Check the vents in each room of your house when you’re inside. Pet hair, as well as other dust and dirt, can become lodged in the vents.

If your furnace’s internal vents are obstructed, it will not operate as efficiently as it should. In your home, the air will not circulate properly.

If the air isn’t flowing properly, you’ll be putting an additional strain on the furnace. Its performance will suffer as a result of this stress. It will also harm its efficiency and lifespan.

6. Don’t Put Too Much Strain on The System

Reducing the amount of heating and cooling that a heating system is required to perform is an effective way to keep it in good working order. Check the windows and doors in your home for signs of water leakage. You want to make sure that as much cold or hot air as possible is not entering the house.

The greater the amount of outside air that gets into the house, the more the furnace will have to work. This will put an undue amount of strain on the HVAC system. Your system will likely have a shorter lifespan and develop more serious problems due to this condition.

Inspect the interior of your home. Examine the window and door frames’ edges and frames. Holding a candle near the window frames will allow you to see if any air is getting through. By this, you’ll also save a significant amount of money over the long term.

Wrapping It Up!

You’ll want to plan your heating system maintenance as soon as possible, especially now that the days are becoming shorter. Do this today, and cross it off your to-do list!

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Photo credit: Amy Elizabeth West