A thing of beauty is a joy forever likewise a well chosen ring is a memory that you can cherish forever, endearing moments of your life with your partner. For your lady, an engagement ring on her finger, especially if it is a diamond engagement ring has more importance than any other valuables she ever owned, as it connects her with you. So it should be your utmost responsibility to choose a diamond very carefully for her that she deserves as she will generously come into your life and make it worth living with her love and care.

Diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, coming in various types and varieties and to select the best amongst them you need to understand the following basic things which can save you from the fraudulent sale of the diamonds.

You need to check the variety through the knowledge of four ‘C’s:

  • Carat: is actually the weight of the diamond. The higher the carats the costlier will be the ring in the market.
  • Cut: is the way a diamond has been shaped and placed on the ring. These days you can obtain any shape and size you want as per your or your lady’s preferences. If she is small and elegant than you can look for a small diamond rock or if she is tall then find a bigger but gracefully made stone to match her personality.
  • Clarity: is the way your diamond sparkles. The more shiny the more valuable it will be. Clarity determines the amount of shine it posses and thus the cost may vary too.
  • Colour: it is the most precious and loved rock and is generally available in lot of possible colours but still is widely liked and used in only white for the depiction of purity it contains.

After going through all these scales of perfection, you must ask the seller to give you a certificate for the authentication purposes, regarding its purity.