Have you ever stopped to think about how much you know about Liverpool? Surely, you might confidently answer that you know everything about the Beatles, have watched Liverpool FC matches on TV, and have even studied the city’s importance to the British economy in the 19th century. And you’re right. The Fab Four, the city’s connection with football, and its rich history are some of the things that make Liverpool famous all over the world. However, that is just part of the story. Liverpool has much more to offer. Check out a list of must-see attractions in Liverpool.

Cultural Gems of Liverpool: A Tour of Museums and Galleries

Liverpool’s cultural and historical richness is displayed in its numerous museums and art galleries. These spaces of expression and reflection offer a glimpse into the city’s soul. Some of the must-visit places are:

  • The Museum of Liverpool: With a privileged location, facing the River Mersey and the iconic Three Graces, The Museum of Liverpool is simply fascinating. The site tells the story of Liverpool through the eyes of those who experienced it.
  • World Museum: Who isn’t enchanted by learning about the stars or seeing Egyptian mummies? If you’re like us, make sure to visit the World Museum. The space is mainly known for its natural history, ethnology, and archaeology collections, making it a favourite for families and anyone interested in a diverse range of historical artefacts.
  • Tate Liverpool: The world-famous Tate Liverpool is part of the Tate family of galleries and focuses on modern and contemporary art. It hosts various temporary exhibitions alongside its permanent collection, which includes works by artists such as Picasso, Warhol, and Hockney.
  • The Beatles Story: While more of a specialised museum than an art gallery, The Beatles Story is an absolute must for music fans. It offers an in-depth look at the lives, culture, and music of the Beatles, the city’s most famous export.

The Beautiful Game in a Gorgeous City

You can’t talk about Liverpool without mentioning football. The passion for the sport is part of the city’s social fabric, thanks to the strength of teams like Liverpool FC and Everton. Discover some temples of sport based in Merseyside’s capital.

  • Anfield: Who hasn’t heard the legendary phrase “This is Anfield”? The stadium has been the home of Liverpool FC since the club’s formation in 1892. Anfield is known for its unique atmosphere, particularly in the Kop, the stadium’s most famous stand. The facility is not just an arena but a symbol of Liverpool’s football heritage. If you can, visit the stadium on match days to understand what makes Liverpool’s fans so special. Didn’t get a ticket? No problem. Take a guided tour of the stadium to access areas usually restricted and see up-close the coveted trophies won by the club.
  • Goodison Park: This is the home of Liverpool’s biggest rival, Everton Football Club. Located just a short distance from Anfield, Goodison Park has been Everton’s home since 1892, when Anfield was transferred to Liverpool FC. It’s one of the world’s oldest purpose-built football grounds and is renowned for its historic charm. With a capacity of around 40,000, it has hosted more top-flight games than any other stadium in England.

The Beat of Liverpool: A Tour of Iconic Music Sites

Visiting Liverpool without dancing and singing in one of its numerous cultural spaces is like travelling to Italy without eating fresh pasta. This is, after all, a city devoted to music. Rock and pop are on every corner, and it’s impossible to walk more than 100 metres without being enchanted by the voice of some street artist. Therefore, it’s not even necessary to point out a specific place to enjoy the city’s music. Just a walk through the centre already reveals a dozen talents. But, still, it’s worth visiting the following spaces:

  • Bold Street and Ropewalks: These areas are known for their vibrant street music scene, indie stores, and eclectic array of cafes and shops that play various genres of music.
  • The Cavern Club: Arguably the most famous music venue in Liverpool, the Cavern Club is where The Beatles played in their early years, making over 290 appearances between 1961 and 1963. Today, the club remains a pilgrimage site for Beatles fans, and hosts live music acts. But it’s not a temple dedicated to the Beatles. This rather eclectic space opens its doors to all musical styles.
  • Liverpool Philharmonic Hall: Home to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonic Hall is one of the UK’s premier art and entertainment venues. It hosts a diverse range of concerts, from classical to contemporary.
  • Beatles Tour in Liverpool: The Beatles’ influence on local culture is not limited to one place. It’s everywhere. Therefore, the best way to immerse yourself in Beatlemania is through the Beatles Explorer, an open-top tour bus that visits iconic locations in the Beatles’ history, including Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. It’s simply the best Beatles tour in Liverpool, an exceptional opportunity to see, in person, all the places that influenced the Beatles’ music and, consequently, British and global culture.

Liverpool is a city like no other. Walking through its streets is like journeying through the history of art and culture. The majestic Victorian and Georgian buildings tell stories of an era of trade and prosperity. At the same time, modern museums and art galleries reflect a city that continues to evolve and reinvent itself. Answer Liverpool’s call and have fun in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.