In 1999, a China based company came into existence which became a tough competitor of Google’s play store. The platform provides access to all the android users with android devices to download various things that too free of cost. This is a third party app with no issue of security and is considered to be one of the best apps all over. This is very easy to use as various categories are made here which can be accessed by the user when he/she wishes to do so in order to download songs, movies, wallpapers, etc. The app provides various benefits. Some of which have been listed as follows:

  • A good experience: 9apps provides a great experience to all its users so that they can enjoy the things they want to download that too free of costs, not even spending a single penny.
  • More speed: The app helps to increase the download speed of the devices as it is very light in weight and one is not required to wait for long intervals of time.
  • Good interface: The app is built on a good graphic and user interface which helps the users to have fun while using it.
  • Well divided: The app is very well divided into various categories which help to find the required app too early and easily. The categories are very well divided and displayed.
  • One stop shop: Many apps and single store is the philosophy behind this. This is the one shop stop for various users so that they can have access to whatever they want to download in their devices.
  • Games: The platform also provides access to various games and other entertainment apps, health apps, musical videos, songs, etc. and all this at no costs to the user.
  • Files: The app allows the users to download in apkfiles which help to consume very less space on devices.
  • Ease of use: The app is much easier to use as compared to other platforms available in the market and is rated best among them.
  • High safety: The app provides a high level of safety and security to the users. Being third party apps it provides the best of security to the users without any loss of information.
  • Works on all systems: The app works on all systems which support android versions of 3.0.1 or higher.
  • Languages: The app is available in 14 languages which makes it easy to operate and use.

One can download apps from and have access to various applications without paying even a single penny to anyone. It is compatible with all android devices. One can involve in category wise search for the apps and then download them. One can download premium apps at no cost and can even make their device up to date. This is made keeping in mind the users of India and Indonesia, who provide huge customer base to the 9 apps.